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Rapper Young Dolph Killer photo Leaked!- Why they killed him? CCTV Footage Leaked

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three independent law enforcement sources confirmed to FOX13 that rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis Wednesday afternoon.

Maurice Hill, the owner of the shop where the shooting happened, Makeda’s Butter Cookies, told FOX13 his employees said Young Dolph, 36, walked into the store to buy cookies. Someone then drove up and then shot and killed him around 1 p.m. on Wednesday at the bakery in South Memphis.

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Rapper Young Dolph killed in Memphis

Memphis Police were on the scene of a shooting Wednesday afternoon at 2370 Airways Boulevard near Ketchum.

Officers and witnesses could be seen in front of a broken window at Makeda’s Butter Cookies, a bakery in a strip shopping center.

CCTV Footage Leaked

A man who answered the phone and identified himself as the owner of Makeda’s confirmed a young man had been shot while buying cookies.

Rapper Young Dolph Killer Photo

Police said one male victim was located and pronounced dead at the scene. They did not release information on a suspect.

Young Dolph had been the victim of a previous shooting during a fight at the Loew’s Hollywood Hotel in 2017 in Los Angeles. One person was booked into jail on a charge of attempted murder in that case, but was released with no charges.

Earlier that year, rapper Blac Youngsta, who signed with Yo Gotti, was accused of firing over 100 shots at Dolph’s SUV in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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