CCTV Footages: Rapper JayDaYoungan shot in Bogalusa

Rapper JayDaYoungan shot in Bogalusa. This news is officially confirmed.

On Wednesday (July 27), reports began to surface online that 24-year-old JayDaYoungan and his father were allegedly shot in their hometown of Bogalusa, La.

He was apparently shot outside a home on Superior Avenue. An incident appearing to match the details of the shooting was first officially reported by the Bogalusa Police Department’s Facebook page. They have since confirmed the rapper, born Javorius Scott, has died.

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Rapper JayDaYoungan shot

Bogalusa Police Department update a status on their official Facebook Page. They said-

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This is an update to the press release of a shooting earlier tonight.

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Watch Full CCTV Report

CCTV Footage video link is updated soon on this page. Kindly reload this page to find Video link.

We can now identify the victims as Javorius Scott, A.K.A. JayDaYoungan and close family member Kenyatta Scott Sr. We can also confirm that Javorius Scott has died as a result of his injuries. Kenyatta Scott Sr. has been transported to another facility and we have been told he is in stable condition.

Detectives are currently conducting interviews and working leads. Further information will follow as it becomes available.



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