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Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular & Lottery Result 2021

Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular & Lottery Result 2021. Today we are going to talk about an educational institution that has been carrying on its educational activities with pride since 1832. This institution is located in the heart of Rangpur city. It is one of the oldest schools established in Bengal. On April 11, 1936, the school celebrated its centenary.

In this post, we have basically come up with some information about Rangpur Zilla School. Because you are all aware that various changes have been made in the education system of the country due to the Corona situation.

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Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular 2021

Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular 2021. Admission notification is basically the change that has been brought in the academic year 2021. Because this new year the admission process is being run through the lottery for the coveted situation. Therefore, each school has issued its own notification or direction to run this new activity.

You can easily get the admission notification of Rangpur Zilla School in our post. Besides, other information related to admission has been published in the said admission notification.

Rangpur Zilla School Lottery Results 2021

Rangpur Zilla School Admission Circular 2021. A notification has already been issued to conduct the admission process in the educational institution. There is a clear statement that the admission process will be conducted through a lottery. So take a good look at our post to know the result of the lottery that has been arranged for conducting the admission activities of Rangpur Zilla School.

Dear visitor, we hope you have found all the information you need in our post. Don’t forget to let us know if you need any related information later.


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