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Ram Gopal Varma Net Worth 2022

Ram Gopal Varma Net Worth 2021. Ram Gopal Varma is an Indian film director, producer, screenwriter. He works in Telugu cinema, Bollywood and Television program. He made various types of films such as parallel cinema, docudrama, and technical finesse, craft. As a new generation time, he made political drama crime film Shool in 1999. And this film won the National Film Award. He made BBC world series for Bollywood bosses in 2004. People also know for his best work about Indian Political Trilogy and Indian Gangstar Trilogy. His first greatest movie in Bollywood film Satya. This film earns many positive reviews.

Ram Gopal Varma Net Worth 2021

Many people search on the internet to know about his net worth, career information, and personal life information. In this post, we share everything about him. Ram Gopal Varma’s net worth is around 30 million USD. We didn’t find any exact net worth anywhere, so this net worth something upper or something lower. To know more about his personal life information, then read this post completely.

Career Information

He starts his career as a civil engineer. After that, he entering the Telugu cinema and made the most crime thriller movie Siva in 1989. The film overcast on the International Film Festival of India. He won the Nandi award for the best director. And also, he won the Nandi award for the best screenplay writer. After that, again won the Filmfare award for the best Telugu film. His second film Kshana Kshanam in 1991 overcast for Arbor Film Festival. Next, his political drama movie Gaayam gets the Nandi award.

Personal Life Information

His full name is Penmetsa Ram Gopal Varma. He was born on 07 April 1962 in Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently, he is 58 years old. He has established the V. R. S. Engineering College in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. He was married to Ratna, but a long time later, they get divorced. Madhu Mantena is his cousin, and his cousin also a film producer. He is one of the best successful directors & producers.

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