Active Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes 2023-February

Raid Shadow Legends is one of the most popular freemium games. It was developed by Israeli game developer Plarium Games. The Plarium Games developers also published it on January 21, 2020. At first, they released it only for PC. It was run on Microsoft Windows and macOS. But later they published it on both Android, iOS, and iPadOS platforms. Generally, it is a fantasy-themed based Gacha game that takes in the fictional characters of Telesis. So, you can understand that it is an action game. A player has a warrior which is fighting against the enemy.

Most of the fight and action games have some warrior and hero characters, guns, dresses, etc. Some items are free some items are premium. The player should purchase premium items with money. But a user can get free items using Redeem codes. Plarium Games developers are also allowed to use promo numbers to get or access premium items. On the other hand, players can also unlock many items by using redeem key. So here we are providing so many valid keys to get rewards and packages.  Collect all of them in our collection.

What are Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes?

The promo codes are one kind of redemption code that contains some secret key. That will be some numerical numbers and alphabet characters like AHYT464U. Generally, most developers used 8 digits to generate a promotional key. These secret pins are so much helpful for the player to increase their level quickly. You can quickly level up your mission using gems or gold. On the other hand, using Redeem key player will get a legendary warrior, heroic character, powerful weapon, etc. absolutely free. On the other hand, sometimes a player gets extra life which means the hero’s healing power by redeeming the key.

Active Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes list

Finally, Plarium Games developers released all new and updated keys for September months. This month’s player will get the most amazing rewards by redeeming this month’s secret pin. If you want to get Free Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes then collect all valid promo codes from this website. Collect valid keys from here and unlock all-new rewards in your profile.

Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes that don’t expire

 Every month the developer published a new game key to unlocking premium items. But most of the time they released kye for a specific time. There are some keys these are don’t expire. A player can use their lifetime. But you should buy this type of redeeming key with real money. Without a purchase, you can’t able to redemption this type of key. From here you can get some Raid Shadow Legends Promo codes 2023 not expired. All codes are working perfectly. Given below Raid Shadow Codes 2023 list.

  • BREWMAIDEN – 15 Brews of each type (New!)
  • Dkskeletoncrew 
  • RETURN – 50x Multi Battle Attempts, XP boost (7 days), 999 energy
  • LADYQUN – for new players only
  • POWERSTARTER – for new players only
  • LUCKYRAID – for new players only
  • PCRAID2022 – For new players only

How to Redeem Raid Shadow Legends Codes?

After collecting a valid key, you should redeem it. Without redeeming you can’t able to get rewards. So, this part is so important for a player. You should use your game key carefully. Following a few steps, you can successfully redeem your key and get free items and rewards.

Step 1: Open your Raid Shadow Legends app.

Step 2: Click on the three-dot button and go to the setting options.

Step 3: Now tab on gift codes menu.

Step 4: You can see a box.

Step 5: You should Enter your key on the box.

Step 6: After giving your key then click on the Claim button.

After clicking on the claim button, you will get your rewards in a few seconds. Following this method, anyone can easily redeem their codes.

 Expired Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes list

You can already know that developers are published any redeem key for a limited time. So, the player should use a valid promo number within the time and unlock the rewards. An expired key means those keys are no more to used or used time is already expired. Players can’t able to get any rewards or unlock any items by expired promo. If you know that those keys are expired it’s can helpful for you. To convenience all the raid players here we are providing some expired redeem keys that are already expired. 

RETURN50 Multi Battle attempts, 7 days XP boost, 999 energy
YTPCOFFER22500,000 Silver, 3 Multi Battle, 1 3-day XP boost, and 6 Energy Potions (Only available for new accounts)
MYDELIANAEnough XP brews to max Deliana’s level after claiming the new Champion (Only for new accounts)
13YEARSPLARIUM3 Days XP Boost, 50x Multi Battle Attempts, 100 Energy, 30 random brews
3YEARSRAID??? (Only for new accounts)
GatorRandom free rewards (Only available for new accounts)
RAIDGOODIESRandom free rewards (Only available for new accounts)
PCRAID2022XP, Energy Refills, and more
KRISKMAS21XP, Energy Refills, and more (Only available for new accounts)
RAIDXMAS21XP, Energy Refills, and more (Only available for new accounts)
TGASALEUnlock Fayne – Epic champion, 200,000 Silver, 60 Gems, Epic Skill Tome, 10 Greater Spirit Potion, and 15 Arcane Potions
S1MPLE350,000 Silver, 3-Day XP Boost, 4 Energy Refills, and 20 Magic XP Brews
TGA2021XP, Energy Refills, and more (Only available for new accounts)
realhell500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, 2 Epic Book, and 50 Autobattles
SPOOKY13Random free rewards
MURDERGIFT500,000 Silver, 6 Energy Potions, 3-day XP boost, and 3 Multi Battle
gift1Arena tokens, Energy Refills, and more
ESLPRO3 potions and 3 books (Only available for new accounts)
NINJA500,000 Silver, 3 Multi Battle, 3-day XP boost, and 6 Energy Potions
gullibleRandom free rewards

How to get Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes?

Plarium developers published the raid Shadow codes. They published all new keys on their official Twitter page. So, you should follow the Plarium developer’s official pages to get the game key. Generally, they are released to redeem keys every month the first week. On the other hand, you can also get it on Reddit. This is another new social media where most of the gamers are providing the promo key for this game. Besides different kinds of pages and social media from here, you can also find all new and updated keys for this game.


1. Are there any active promo codes for Raid Shadow Legends?

Answer: There are so many active keys in September 2023.

2. How do you get free Vergis in Raid Shadow Legends?

Answer: Get free Vergis by completing Dungeon Challenges.

3. How do you get unlimited energy in Raid Shadow Legends?

Answer: Using this promo code: TGASALE21. 

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