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Free PUBG Rename Card Redeem Code 2022- october Update

If you are looking for PUBG Rename Card Redeem Code 2022. Then this post can help you. In this post, share a secret technique to get a free PUBG Rename Card Redeem Code. Below given full process to get the information.

PUBG Rename Card use for change player ID name. Many people want to change their player name somehow. And PUBG authority made a way to change it.  To change a name need some UC or upgrade a level. Rename card is paid. So everyone needs to buy this card for rename PUBG ID. But an easy way is available to get a free rename card.

We provide that free opportunity. For this, we provide some tasks. And every player needs to complete the task step by step. We daily provide total of 10K rename card free worldwide. So join our giveaway program.

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After getting a card need to redeem it. If you don’t know how to redeem a rename card. Then follow the instructions what given below.

How to change your name in PUBG?

For changing a name permanently. You need official information.

  1. At first, Open the app to the home screen from the main menu.
  2. Now chose Inventory from the menu at the bottom.
  3. Tap the crate icon on the right-hand side.
  4. Then Tap the Rename Card and tap Use.
  5. Enter your new name and tap OK. That’s it. If you provide there valid redeem code. Then it showing successful notification.  And can only change your name once per day.

So this is the full process of changing a PUBG ID name by using a rename card.

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