PUBG New State Redeem Codes

PUBG New State Redeem Code 2022- January (100% Working)

PUBG is the most popular game all around the earth. All action game lovers know what is PUBG. especially those who want to enjoy this type of game on the small screen, it is the best opportunity for those people. This popular game was released globally in March 2018. Now it became the 2nd most famous battle royal game in the world.

Each player needs skins, currency, and gun, etc. But it needs money to buy those things. But you don’t want to buy it. In that case, a free PUBG redeems code is handy for you. It will provide you with free skin, currency, and much more.  

PUBG New State Redeem Codes 2022

Looking for a list of each PUBG redeem code or PUBG: New State Testflight Code? We’ve got many of PUBG to redeem code. The last state was very fun and exciting, Now it’s time for the new state to enjoy. On November, 11 new  The recent battle of PUBG Studios is hitting Royal exclusively on mobile and it is an exciting time for fans of the series. We provide you best working PUBG redeem code.

Those codes will provide you with many new features on PUBG Battle Royal Game. In this article, you also find how to download PUBG’s new state download ios or android. Now no further late, let’s jump into our main theme.  

What are New State Redeem codes of PUBG:

Codes are a colony of the word that is very special. It can provide many extraordinary things. On the PUBG game, there is some wonderful free redeem code. This free redeem code will deliver players such exclusive items in the PUBG Battle Royal game.  Code can bring the player game’s currency, limited addition weapons, coins, new characters, weapon upgrades, and many more.

  • SENSITIVITY CODE– SEN-52f57f1b-53cf-47a2-8751-49f09cb7bb9c
  • 3 FINGER CLAW CODE – UI-4ae637ca-832d-4c45-a5d0-371ba4c60dc7
  • DDSJJCZCDZ9U (New State AKM skin code)
  • HTDS78FTU2XJ (New State M416 Gun Skin code)
  • BDGRAAZBZJGS (New State M416 orange skin code)
  • P8HZDBTFZ95U (New State M416 skin code)
  • Q12KARZBZYTR (New State Kar98 Gun Skin code)
  • OIKIJHYZACZG -(legendary outfit)
  • JHTFGHJU87H0 -( BP coins using this code)
  • MJURSY6HSY11 -(legendary outfit)
  • DDE70FYU5N0 -(Free reward)

How to Use PUBG: New state Redeem Code:

Since the state isn’t available quite yet now, it is a mystery how to use redeem code. However, now we can just imagine a little of the process.

  • First of all, open the PUBG Battle Royal game.
  • Now click on the Game store.
  • As the base PUBG game, there should be a Gift code button.
  • Now hit the Gift Code button.
  • That should bring up a text popup ber.
  • Enter the redeem code in the text box.
  • Now type your code on there, then hit Redeem button.
  • If the code is true and valid, then your Gift will be in your hand.
  • Enjoy the free items.

PUBG: New State Release Date:

You can start enjoying PUBG: New State on November 11, 2021. On that day, it will be widely released worldwide. This is currently inevitable in early snippets for some players. Yes, from October 29, 2021, Final Technical Test for PUBG: New State got Live. So we have to wait for a call of action. 

Bottom line:

That is all about PUBG : New State redeem code. And how to or how to dose its work. We try our best to provide you with a working and valid code to enjoy. But since the New state of PUBG is not available now. So sorry to say we can provide you with those codes. Now you can connect with us for more updates.

It’s also a very good idea to bookmark our page and come back regularly and new updates. We will update this whenever the new PUBG: New State Redemption Code is released. Considering the game is less than a week away from launch, we’ll see a barrage of codes soon, so keep your eyes open at our site!

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