How to Download PUBG Mobile Skins Free

How to Download PUBG Mobile Skins Free? If you are looking for the free PUBG Skins downloading system. Then this post can help you. In this post given some guide. That guide can give a PUBG player free skins.

We shared a lot of working way. A user needs to follow this way to download free skins gun. To playing PUBG in pro player mood, just need a good skin. But there are many players didn’t know how to get free skins. This post is dedicated to them seeking for the free PUBG Mobile Skins. Let’s see the full process.

How to get PUBG Mobile Skins Free?

Well. Legally this is not possible to skins free without buy. But there is few tricks available. What tricks can bring free skins. Here we sharing these secret tricks for everyone. So that they can download a free skin for mobile.

To get a free skin for a weapon, there are three ways:-

  1. Achievements- At first pen, your achievements option and then go-to weapon by clicking on the symbol. After that, you’ll find there missions. And pass the mission. which will give skins for AR, SMG, shotgun and sniper rifle. You are eligible to get a gun when you kill 500 players with each of these guns.
  2. Redeem – By reeding a valid promo code then you get free skins. So collect PUBG Free Redeem Codes. Then you can try.
  3. RP missions – Every RP season has one free skin unlocked at higher ranks. So need to Complete RP missions without any warning to gain RP points and reach that level.

Including 3 ways is the most popular and official way. We recommend for following this way to download free gun skins. It’s risk-free and totally safe.

More Tricks-

We research about getting free skins. And found a lot of systems from various sources. Here is one from

pubg free skins download tricks

Here is the latest ticks. You can follow this. This tricks can give you to get a free download skin for PUBG Mobile.


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