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We have a number of morning and afternoon activities scheduled throughout our week, but if you are looking to start your “day of the Lord” with a little bit of prayer, it can help you to do so with a prayer for palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is an optional family activity on the second Sunday of Lent, during which time the entire family can go out of the house for one hour of prayer. It’s a great way to begin your journey to being closer to God. The morning prayer for palm Sunday Catholic is an especially powerful introduction to this important day

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Prayer For Sunday Catholic

A prayer for palm Sunday Catholic has three parts: a short scriptural explanation of what you will be saying at the service, a brief explanation of why this morning prayer for palm Sunday is important, and an acknowledgement of the spiritual benefits that result from your actions. If you are unsure about any of these things, or if you feel that you need more explanation, consider using the morning prayer for palm Sunday as a guide. The first part should provide a short scriptural introduction to what you will be doing. This could be as brief as one line or as long as thirty or forty words. It’s up to you.

Plam Sunday Morning Prayer

The second part of your morning prayer for palm Sunday should be a review of what you were doing during the rest of the day. What activities did you participate in? How many people did you play with? What did you learn from your conversations? What new things did you learn? Review these things in your mind before you begin your prayer.

palm sunday prayers

The third part of your morning prayer for palm Sunday should be acknowledging of what you learned from the day. What lessons did you draw from the events of the day? What developments did you witness? What lessons can you apply from these lessons to your own life? This section should be written down in detail, with short passages on what you saw, heard, or experienced. Don’t worry too much about making it flow well – after all, this is a day for joy and celebration!

The fourth section of your prayer for palm Sunday should focus on Mary. What did you learn from Mary during the day? What improvements or advancements did you see regarding her life and relationships? What lessons can you apply to your own life? What are special reminders of Mary that you can embrace and use to improve yourself and the people in your life? Remember that Mary is Mother of God, so you can use her teachings throughout the week and beyond.

Palm sunday prayers of the faithful

palm sunday prayers of the faithful

Lastly, you should have a scriptural introduction and scriptural conclusion to your prayer for palm Sunday. It doesn’t matter how long you write it down – just start! Make sure that you include the entire Bible, verses relating to Mary, and even the Universal Word of God. Then you can add your own personal lines, which will make it more meaningful for you. At the end of your scriptural introduction, be ready to share some personal stories of how you have been helped by Mary during the past year or so. Doing this will help you get closer to your prayer for palm Sunday.

Making a scriptural prayer for Palm Sunday is not as difficult as it may seem. Once you’ve made one for yourself, you can practice saying it regularly. And as you read through the Bible, you can incorporate new prayer ideas into your old ones to keep the process going. Remember that prayer for the day is always personal, so don’t be afraid to add your own touches to it.

Your family is an important part of your life. They are an ever-evolving part of who you are, so you shouldn’t discount their input when praying for a special day. After all, you only get one family – so don’t settle for anything less than what’s best for you and them. Make Palm Sunday a truly special day for the whole family!


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