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Philip DeFranco Net Worth,2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Philip DeFranco Net worth: $2 million to $10 million. Philip DeFranco is a famous and much-loved You Tube personality from United States. Her main source of income is through You Tube. She is famous for making controversial videos that get views in the millions, among these one’s that deal with marriage, divorce, and other similar subjects.

Philip De Franco became famous as a result of one such controversial video. In this video she is reacting to the war in Iraq by questioning the actions of the American military and the Bush administration. In the video Philip De Franco berates the soldiers for attacking civilians and torturing them. This caused an outrage not only with the United States government but also with many patriotic Americans who believe that the soldiers are defending the Constitution of the United States.

Philip DeFranco Full biography

Full Name Philip DeFranco
Net Worth $12 million.
Date of Birth December 1, 1985
Age 35 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Philip De Franco has a lot of critics though. Most of the critics do not like the way that she uses her freedom of speech to criticize the government and the military. It is often said that you should be able to say what you want if you are going to be a popular You Tube personality. Many people who do not like De Franco, question her motives for being a You Tube personality. It is often pointed out that the age of youtubers means that they can no longer control themselves when it comes to using profanity or language that is not appropriate.

One reason why this age group is having problems in accepting their age is because there are so many older Americans who are older than them. One way to counter this is to use profanity or offensive language on You Tube. Another is that the amount of language that is used is so over the top and vulgar that it borders on crude. However, profanity is only one problem. One of the most popular channels on You Tube is called, “The Young Turks” and they have a liberal left-leaning slant towards things.

The other big issue is political incorrect comments. On You Tube many people find it offensive to talk about politics. Many political pundits have had their show canceled due to complaints from listeners. Many of them have said that they would never make political comments while on the air. Philip De Franco does not use the word “liberal” in her show, yet the people who watch her show are constantly discussing the latest liberal outrage.

Philip De Franco’s net worth may be very impressive, however there are many other You Tube stars who have much larger net worth. The real question here is, are you willing to let your opinions stand, or are you willing to drown them out by shouting? Please consider all this.


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