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Pat Harrington Net Worth 2021- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Pat Harrington Sr. was born in Dartmouth, New Hampshire and is one of four children of Frank and Anna Harrington. Frank and Anna were a successful family who raised nine children on their own and also went on to become well known fishermen and trappers in the area. In his bio-biography of Pat Harrington, Sr., he reveals that his father worked for the United States Army while his mother taught him and his two brothers and one sister how to be successful. Pat served in the Pacific during WWII and after that served in the Air Force.

Pat Harrington Net Worth

Pat Harrington Net Worth is $20 Million

Pat Harrington Sr. is married to Ellen Louise De Luca and has three children. He was an active farmer and golfer during his life and also ran a dairy farm. He is described as being extremely hard working and was very proud of his abilities in all of these activities. He is reported to have been extremely successful in all of these endeavors and has worked hard all his life. His estimated net worth is between forty and fifty million dollars.

The biographer of Pat Harrington, Sr. revealed information concerning his farming success. It is said that he had acre after acre of highly productive land in his land which he sold to others. There are two ponds in Pat’s land, one is thirty acres large and the other is one hundred acres large. These ponds are reported to have yielded fish over a very long period of time. Pat Harrington Sr. also revealed that his net worth as a result of his farming is in excess of six hundred thousand dollars. Pat Harrington Sr. was described as being extremely proud of his earnings and his net worth.

Pat Harrington Full Biography

Full Name Pat Harrington
Net Worth $20 Million
Date of Birth 1929–2016
Age 86 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Pat Harrington was described as being an extremely capable film maker and director. Pat was known to produce a film after one month of hard work for only a very meager budget. Pat spent many long hours on the set of his film, shooting the scenes of his film with his friend John Howard. It was also reported that Pat Harrington spent many long hours watching films, both classic and new, before settling down to make his film.

Pat Harrington Sr. has been portrayed as being extremely wealthy and a resident of Beverly Hills, California. Pat lived in the Hollywood Hills since his youth and has always remained well connected with the Hollywood elite. Pat Harrington is believed to have spent about six thousand dollars a year on movies and films.

Pat Harrington is the great-grandson of two legendary movie makers, Pat Harrington Sr. His biographer, Howard Breese, claimed that Pat Harrington Sr. was the most humble man to be depicted in all of the biographies and records of famous film makers. Pat Harrington’s net worth is estimated at around four hundred thousand dollars, based on his current age and salary as a movie maker. Pat Harrington’s Net Worth: Biography by Howard Breese can be purchased on the author’s website, where a further description and reviews of the book are provided. Pat Harrington’s Net Worth: Biography by Howard Breese can be purchased online here. Pat Harrington is presently in pre-production on a biopic of drug lord Mickey Thompson.


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