Parys Haralson Cause of Death- how did he die?

Parys Sharron was an American professional footballer who played as a linebacker for the National Football League. He was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the 5th selection of 2006 NFL Draft. He played for the college team of Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee Volunteers as a defensive end.

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Parys Haralson Cause of Death

McDonald and Buckles claim they were told that their friend died from an heart attack during asleep. “It doesn’t seem real,” McDonald stated. “Parys loved his family and friends much more so than him. I lost my father twenty years ago. It was hard and difficult, but this has taken a toll on me, as well as many other people.

‘It’s like Superman has died’: Friends, teammates remember Parys Haralson.

“Here’s the deal on Parys: Let’s just take football out of it,” Justice declared. “Never forget what a brilliant footballer Parys was, or what an incredible teammate that he was, the physical talent he displayed and everything else. Let’s talk about the person he wasand the smile he always displayed.

Let’s look at his character as a human being. He was always so optimistic intelligent, so clever, very sincere, and polite -He was a Beta Club guy, honor student. The teachers loved him. The coaches loved him. His teammates loved him. When you had Parys, you knew you could count on him to always stay in the best spot. He always did what was right.”


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