Pakistani comedian Umar Sharif Cause of death | How did he death

Pakistani comedian Umar Sharif has died at the age of 66. Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany Dr Mohammed Mohammad Faisal confirmed this in a tweet on Saturday.

“It was with deep regret that it was announced that Mr. Umar Sharif had died in Germany. Our deepest condolences to family and friends. Our CG is present in the hospital to help the family in every way,” he wrote.

Umar Sharif was admitted to a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany on Wednesday as his health deteriorated while travelling to the US. The comedian was suffering from multiple diseses including coronary condition.

The air ambulance carrying Umar Sharif was shifted to hospital after a scheduled landing in Germany.

Umar Sharif was born on April 1 April, 1955 to an Urdu-speaking family in Liaquatabad, Karachi. The star was well appreciated as one of asia’s biggest comedians.


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