OnePlus Nord release the World’s first AR smartphone on 21 July

Recently, the OnePlus Nord announce that they will release the phone officially on 21 July. And they organize the event, unlike other phone launches. This phone has a different reality angle. OnePlus is launching its latest smartphone. Nord is the newest smartphone, and it made more affordable, cause every consumer wants this type of phone. Every customer wants to flagship specification, without flagship specification they lose their hope. In 2014, they release the OnePlus One mobile phone, which is a promise about the flagship performance, and mid-price of the phone. After that, the phone earns huge popularity everywhere.

Once again, the company releases the cheapest mobile phone OnePlus X, which is released in 2015. And also, this phone didn’t earn great success. That’s why the company focuses on premium devices, and they prepare for the mid-range price mobile to release on the market. OnePlus says on a statement, before release the original One, the OnePlus earn huge popularity in the last six years.

Nowadays, every consumer says that Nord is everything of OnePlus, and it is the best smartphone for everyone. In the market place, the mid-range smartphone is very demanded in everywhere, so when OnePlus join there, the competition running very well.  In the last few years, OnePlus work for the flagship market, and the company work for the mid-range mobile phone as well.

For the upcoming device, create a mini-website & make the video series for explaining the development. And it is the biggest part of Nord. OnePlus says that Nord is unique, cause on this phone have generate hype, and this thing never set any other devices. This news is shared by the OnePlus president Akis Evangelidis. And also, the Nord will World’s first AR product.

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