Oneplus Nord 8gb 128gb price in india

Oneplus Nord 8gb 128gb price in india. After the success of OnePlus Nord 1, it’s no surprise that expectations are high for its successor: The upcoming OnePlus phone is expected to come with significant upgrades and a similar price.

While nothing yet has been released about this new device from an official standpoint (including specs or base pricing), there will undoubtedly be big changes in comparison to their previous model. Fans can expect a 12GB RAM/256 GB storage combo as well as improved camera features on one of the newest devices coming out later this year!

Oneplus Nord 8gb 128gb price in india

The first OnePlus phone came with big upgrades at a low price point. The next model is expected to come out in the same budget category and start from Rs 24,999 for the base unit. With additional features such as 12GB RAM+256 GB storage capacity and an improved camera, it looks like this device will be worth every penny!

OnePlus has been teasing a new device for several weeks. It’s not clear what the phone is, but it launches in Q2 and will be unveiled soon–likely before July. OnePlus Nord 2 India launch may happen by May as well.

The new OnePlus Nord 2 is expected to release in the first half of 2020. The phone will have a faster processor, display with 120 Hz refresh, and charging capabilities that are significantly better than what was seen on its predecessor. Most importantly though, it seems as if this device could be available sooner than anyone would expect – which means you won’t need to wait long before being able to get your hands on one!


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