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Odalis Perez Cause of death revealed- What Happened?

Odalis Perez was found dead; he would have suffered a fall at his home. Santo Domingo RD. – Dominican expatriate Odalís Perez died this Thursday, allegedly after falling from the stairs of his house, where he would be found only at the time of the incident.

The lifeless body of the Major League baseball star was found by a brother who passed away at 6:00 p.m.
Perez, was 43 years old and had played for teams such as The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Atlanta Braves. So are Kansas City and Washington Nationals in the Major Leagues, and the Lions of Pick and Eastern Stars in Dominican Baseball.

Odalis Perez Cause of death

Left-wing pitcher Odalis Perez has died following a crash at his home, according to preliminary reports.
The former pitcher died at his home in the Dominican Republic, his lawyer reported to ESPN. Apparently he fell down a staircase, but the forensic report is missing to determine reasons. He was 44 years old. A very young man. He was found dead by his brother.
What Happened
Major Leagues exonerator Odalis Perez passed away tonight at his home in East Santo Domingo, apparently in a home accident. 911 has just arrived at your house.


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