Video & Photo: North Carolina mall shooting- Six injured- What happened ?

Six injured after shooting at North Carolina mall sends Black Friday shoppers running in panic.

Panic erupted at a North Carolina mall filled with Black Friday shoppers when three people were shot — including a 10-year-old boy — and three others injured in what authorities described as a fight between two groups.

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North Carolina mall shooting

Gunshots pierced the air at 3:23 p.m. inside The Streets at Southpoint mall in Durham, the city’s police chief, Patrice Andrews, said at a news briefing. Off-duty officers called in for assistance as fearful crowds ran toward the exits.

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An unidentified child was hit by a bullet that ricocheted and was taken to a nearby hospital with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries, Andrews said. No information was immediately available on the two others shot. Three people were also injured as they tried to flee what the chief called a fight between “two groups who knew each other.”

North Carolina mall shooting Video

“The shooting in the mall at southpoint in #Durham was one of the most traumatic experiences I ever had in my life,” wrote a Twitter user who identified themselves as a worker at BoxLunch.

North Carolina mall shooting photos

“The gun sounds were followed by what sounded like a wave of rain on a tin roof as everyone started screaming, running, and pushing each other,” Hadley Connell, who was with her fiance at the food court, told CNN.

While the total number of people involved remains uncertain, Andrews said many of the perpetrators quickly fled the scene. Police, however, have a suspect in custody, as well as several witnesses. At least one weapon was recovered.

The mall was placed on lockdown and “will be closed until further notice,” according to its website. The parking lot filled with police cars and lines of shoppers’ vehicles attempting to exit as officers descended on the scene.


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