Snake II

Nokia’s Snake mobile game, it became an entire generation illusion

Nokia’s Snake, the mobile game was the best popular in earlier years. And this mobile was launch in 1997, which device model is Nokia 6110. The snake game became popular in a few days, but the game’s second version is released in 2000, and the new name of this game household. Nowadays, every phone has the best graphics, internet access, phone storage, the present time every mobile company offers many games. But other games such as PUBG, Temple Run, Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, and much more popular game has every phone.

The Snake game start with Nokia 6110 in 1997, maybe you know in snake game has a blue candy bar & there was an antenna. The Snake normal grow up by eating the dots, and it very hungry to eat the dots. When it grows very long, and when it beat himself that time it dies. The game is a new signal of a new generation, and the industry earns almost $100 billion. Later, they release the second version.

After that, they release the Snake II in 2000 with Nokia 3310. And the game became new generation obsession. In this game, there is not just a line. There is proper form, on this game bonuses and the phone screen is cyclical, the snake can flow everywhere into the court. The snake game was in India & across the world, every kid is addicted to this game, when they lying on the bed or attend a class or sitting in a cafe, every time they play this Snake II game.

Pranav Sundaresan says, when he was four or five years old, he playing the Snake II game. And he was playing this game on his mother’s old Nokia phone. He has been playing video games for the last 15 years. And also, many people tell about their Snake II game story. It is very true news, the game was the most popular game.

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