Nokia 11 Price in Pakistan

Nokia 11 Price in Pakistan. Nokia 11 is an upcoming smartphone by Nokia. Very soon this smartphone will come into the global market. After releasing officially then it will come also in Pakistan. Already everyone knows these smartphone details. Recently we write about Nokia 11 pro article. Where we added all kinds of additional information.

Yet if you do not know about this phone like specification, RAM, ROM or other details. You may read this article. You will get a clear concept of this phone. Let’s know how much cost for buying Nokia 11 in Pakistan.

Nokia 11 Price in Pakistan

This phone price will be 78,000 PKR in Pakistan. This is an approx price. And it is given by based on its specification. But it is sure that this smartphone price will under this rate. Nokia will announce officially a fixed price. And then this smartphone can buy from any showroom.

If you got any update about this phone price. Then we instantly update there price. So to get alert you can save this post or share on your social media.

So, guys, this is all about Nokia 11 Price in Pakistan article. Put a comment below, how much like you. Or If you have any question you kindly know it.


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