Ninoy Aquino Day Tagalog 2019 History, Images, Quotes, Message & Greetings

Ninoy Aquino Day Tagalog 2019 History, Images, Quotes, Message & Greetings. 21 August is Ninoy Aquino Day of Philippines. This is Philippines non-working holiday which observed annually.


The holiday was created by Republic Act 9256, which was signed into law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on February 25, 2004. This is short summary. You can read the full history on Wikipedia.

Ninoy Aquino Day 2019 Images

Ninoy Aquino Day 2019 picture

Ninoy Aquino Day 2019

Ninoy Aquino Day image

Ninoy Aquino Day 2019 Quotes, Message & Greetings

People traditionally like to wish any day by message, quotes. So on that day people also can send Quotes, Message & Greetings for wishing purpose. There are many ways can follow for wishing. Like social media status, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and others. Below given some important text for everyone.

  • This is an important day for everyone. Every person should need to know about this day. Learn more! Happy Ninoy Aquino Day.
  • Pray for them who work for this day. And give much respect always.
  • By saying a simple text can’t give proper respect on Ninoy Aquino Day. So think it deeply. Have a sweet Ninoy Aquino Day.


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