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NID BD Online Copy Download

Today we will share about the most important thing NID card. In this pandemic situation (COVID-19) people didn’t go outside, that’s why we here to help you to get your NID online copy download. In this Technology time, Bangladesh Election Commission creates a platform for all the people, where they can download the NID online copy from the internet. Most of the people don’t know very well about how to download the NID online copy. It can need a few minutes to download the online copy. Bangladesh Election Commission mentions a few steps to get the NID from the Internet. In this technology time, everyone knows how to use the internet. Technology makes easy every work.

NID is very important, cause the NID can give you 25+ advantage. Using by NID card, you can register mobile SIM cards, you can open your bank account, you can submit it for your job time, and more time it can help you. A few years ago, they start a Smart card NID project, but in 2010 they were given analog NID cards to the public. Bangladesh Election Commission works for this smart card project, but they didn’t complete the project, cause they have technical problems, that’s why they were not complete the work. So, let’s talk about the NID card online copy download.

How to Download NID Card Online Copy

If you don’t know very well how to download the NID card online copy, then follow our every instruction. It will help you a lot to get the online NID copy.

At first, you need to search for the website. Now, a new page will open, where you can see various options. You need to click on the Other Info option, then select the Voter information option. Now, open a form box, you need to fill it. In this form box, you need to mention your slip number, which was they give you. After that, set your date of birth, and complete the captcha carefully. Now just click on the See your Voter information option, then you will see your NID number and some information. After that, you need to copy the NID number & go to the Register option, then a new page will open, where you see ‘want to fill the registration form’ touch over the option.

NID Card Download

After that, you need to again fill another form, where you need to paste your NID number, and again set your date of birth. Later, again complete another captcha carefully. After that, you just click on the submit button. Now, another new page will open, where you need to mention your present address & permanent address. Later, click on the Next button. Now, another page will open, where you need to submit your phone number, which was submitted your voter time. If this number is not active, then you can change it from there.

After submitting the number, they will give you a verification code, then you need to submit your six-digit verification code. Later, select the discontinue option, then you will see your NID picture. After that, you will see a set password option, click over the option, and set a strong password. And also, fill the form, this password will help you when you again log in there. Now, click on the update button, and get your full NID information. After that, you need to download the PDF file, now you can print it, and you will able to use it everywhere.

If you don’t understand anything or get any problem, then comment below with your problem. We will reply as soon as possible.


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