New Google’s 2020 smartphone technic looks like disorder

Nowadays, Google releases a new smartphone, which looks like a mess. The Google smartphone line up will go on the weird road. After a look, we can tell that it looks like Pixel 4a, a Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5. A Pixel 4a XL is out of the picture, but there is no leak to release the Pixel 5 XL, and this work is very affordable.  What is actually try to understand google? , we don’t need every answer, but we think there is a lens worth interpreting. And the lens is Google Silicon Valley rival.

Google releases its technic by iPhone SE, and there is no doubt. Before announcing the iPhone SE, the Google smartphone is sold very well. Recently, Google’s decision is very reactionary, and we think Google will focus on a smaller phone with a lower price, which has more storage. This think will give them a big success. One SKU allows to the Google phone strong against Apple, which is comparing between 4a. Normally, it is a significant chain of Google phones.

Google phone will lose their trust, what we believe in the past. And there is no notable or high appreciatable phone, best price smartphone in the U.S. Every time google tries to compete with itself by making small & big 4a. iPhone SE phone taking directly that’s why google hoping that it is very different. Google made this iPhone SE with better design, cheaper, and most important thing to give to the customer better camera experience & longer life battery backup.

And there is no surprise in this playbook. Before time they input the best camera & battery in the Pixel 3a marketing campaign. We hope that they will continue this banner in the upcoming Pixel 4a. Basically, google hopes that every reviewer, customers will never focus on the performance & ecosystem. And there is good news for all smartphone lovers, cause iPhone SE will be faster than Pixel 4a.

Sameer Mitha

Sameer Mitha lives for gaming and technology is his muse. When he isn’t busy playing with gadgets or video games he delves into the world of fantasy novels.
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