National Joe Day History

National Joe Day History | Why National Joe Day Observe?

National Joe Day was created in recognition of United States workers who have given much to the Nation. The tradition of honoring these dedicated workers began at the end of World War II and continues today as a way of giving thanks for good deeds and contributions. Each year during the Labor Day weekend, the best craftsmen in the US create unique gifts and items in memory of the men and women who have given up their precious time and talents for the benefit of the nation. This past year saw the creation of numerous special items featuring different pictures of Joe, with his trademark round face. With millions of creative ideas from the many artists who participate in this craft, you are sure to find something that will make a great gift or even an interesting part of your collection.

National Joe Day History

Joe Day has long been a fixture of Americana. It is one of the few holidays that we celebrate as a family, and almost every member of our clan contributes to the festivities. We have been celebrating this day with great gusto ever since its creation in 1940. This special holiday is a fitting tribute to the dedicated service of our country’s military personnel, and a timely expression of gratitude for the sacrifices they made in the name of liberty and democracy. The tradition of passing out coloring pages with illustrated Joe Day art has continued on for over 70 years and has now been incorporated into the workplace as well.

Over the years, various traditions and events have grown out of the original Joe Day celebrations. Today, it is widely regarded as a global awareness day with far-reaching implications. It is also widely celebrated by children around the world, who are given coloring pages and crafts based on the original drawings of Joe. In addition, a wide range of materials such as clay, rubber, fabric, and vinyl are used in order to create unique creations that feature Joe and other members of the Red Cross.

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