Muharram 2020 Wishes, SMS, Greetings

This year the Arabic new year will start from 20 august evenings or 21 august evenings. In this post, we share some wishes, Muharram SMS, greetings. it will help you a lot. So, read this post. All the Muslim community is eagerly waiting to celebrate this great event. This day is celebrated throughout various programs and fasts.

That’s why we are here to help you by giving the Muharram 2020 quotes, greetings, messages, and Facebook and WhatsApp. Here we share 100+ best Muharram greetings for your friends, family, relatives, and esteemed people. The day is a very great day for all the Muslims. If you see the Bengali year calendar & English calendar has a different date to celebrate the new year. 

The Arabic calendar also has a new year date. The day is special for all Muslims. This day is celebrated in many ways in various places. Some people making good food this new year day. So, read some Muharram SMS, wishes it will help you to a fantastic celebration.

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At first, we would like to share the new year’s greetings. So, let’s see the new year’s latest greetings.

  • Happy Arabic New Year. Hopefully, next year will be much nicer and better cut.
  • Today is the beginning of the Arabic year Muharram. Pray to God, O God. Give us all happiness and peace in the new year.
  • O Allah, make us enter the Islamic New Year with happiness, peace, security, and contentment of Rahman with Islam and protection from Satan.
  • In the New Year of Hijri, may Allah Ta’ala erase all our sins and grant us the grace to worship more and more in the new year.
  • May Allah Ta’ala bless your life with happiness in the Islamic New Year.

5. Happy Islamic New Year to all. May everyone’s life be filled with the light of Islam in the Islamic New Year.

If you need the new year Muharram picture, then go the link.

Now, here we share the new year 1442 latest quotes 2020.


  • A New Year’s Prayer
    May ALLAH make ur year a happy one!
    Not by shielding you from all sorrows and pain,
    But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes;
    Not by making your path easy,
    But by making you sturdy to travel any path;
    Not by taking hardships from you,
    But by taking fear from your heart;
    Not by granting you unbroken sunshine,
    But by keeping your face bright, even in the shadows.

  • When you feel that Someone Is Taking Your Place In Your Bestfriend’s Heart… Never Say I’ll never let Go Close to My Bestfriend, Rather Say Go as Close as You can, I Will Still be the Closest.. ! May You Reach More Milestone,‘n Discover more friends in Upcoming New Islamic Year.
  • Come on New Year’s Eve
    I learn to call the poor brother.
    We eliminate all differences through zakat,
    In Jainamaz, I present all the frustrations and emotions in the court of Allah.
    Build a healthy and strong life, Happy Hijri New Year.
  • Let the innocent smile of the child come down on everyone’s lips.
    May peace prevail in the prayers.
    I, you, everyone, abstain from fasting.
    Happy Hijri New Year.

We hope that this message & greetings will help you to celebrate the new year 1442. You can share this Muharram picture & SMS without any hesitation.


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