Money Bag Price in Bangladesh

Money Bag is the most important daily essentials for men. Instead of having money in the pockets you should have it in the money bag. You should use a money bag which must be in good quality. Here we have collected and listed some of the best money bags. The Money Bag Price in Bangladesh.

Money Bag Price in Bangladesh

  1. Genuine Leather Wallet for Men – 890TK
  2. Pure Leather 4 in 1 Card Holder Wallet for Men – 1290TK
  3. Credit Card Holder Aluminium Security Credit – 350TK
  4. Bibosi Brand Genuine Leather Wallet for Men – 2500TK
  5. FM Leather Card Holder for Men – 990TK
  6. Double Zip Coin Leather Wallet – 3200TK
  7. Bogesi Short Male Card Holder – 890TK
  8. Waterproof Credit Card Holder – 250TK
  9. Esipos Leather Wallet for Men – 1390TK
  10. Long Wallet for Men & Women – 690TK
  11. Vintage Men Dragon Long Short Vertical Wallet – 2044TK
  12. Card Holder with Mini-Wallet – 500TK
  13. Slim Aluminum Credit Card Holder Wallet – 1300TK
  14. The Mysterio Trendy Wallet – 725TK
  15. Bogesi Men Gold Artificial Leather Wallet – 1480TK
  16. Baellerry Genuine Leather Wallet for Men – 1100TK
  17. DEABOLAR Mobile Phone Wallet for Men – 900TK
  18. Baellerry PU Leather Wallet for Men – 800TK
  19. Jeans Wallet for Men – 1580TK
  20. Minecraft Wallet – 500TK
  21. Gucci Leather Wallet for Men – 750TK
  22. Pop-up Aluminum Credit/ Debit Card Holder – 550TK


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