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MM2 Value List 2022- Murder Mystery 2 Value List Updated

Murder Mystery 2 is a popular game in the world. The professional gamer named this game MM2. This game’s value code is most important for the gamer to play it with extra opportunities. That’s why people search for the MM2 Value List or Murder Mystery 2 Value List.

This website admin investigates for this topic. And finally, come with an updated MM2 Value List that worked really. Here sharing the most popular and used MM2 Value List in 2022. This is important for those who search for the new Murder Mystery 2 Value List. Let’s see the all list step by step.

mm2 all values list

Currently, Murder Mystery 2 has some specific vaules. Let’s look at a glance at the value name list. Below list the all name.

  • Ancient Values
  • Unique Values
  • Godly Values
  • Vintage Values
  • Legendary Values
  • Rare Values
  • Uncommon Values
  • Common Values
  • Pet Values
  •  Misc Values

Now we will provide all value list codes, that you can use for redeeming. Hope it will be really helpful for everyone.

MM2 Ancient Values List

Before getting the list, let at first know what is Ancient Values. How does it work?

Ancient weapons are weapons that are usually acquired through gamepasses during events or by completing levels during events. Rare antique weapon Nick’s skeet received only by business or as a gift to Nickelodeon himself. Ancient weapons are the least abundant weapons

Elderwood Scythe 250 Demand: 6
Icebreaker 175 Demand: 7
Hallowscythe 155 Demand: 6
Log Chopper 125 Demand: 8
Batwing 65 Demand: 5
Ice Wing 15 Demand: 1

MM2 Unique Values List

Unique weapons are the toughest kind of weapons, all the other unique weapons except corruption found on the leaderboard of an event or by Nickelodeon and obsolete.

Corrupt 270 Demand: 7 Rarity: 7


Gold Candy 150000 Demand: 10
Gold Hallows 150000 Demand: 10
Gold Sugar 150000 Demand: 10
Gold EW Revolver 150000 Demand: 10
Gold LogChopper 150000 Demand: 10
Gold Minty 150000 Demand: 10
Gold Vampires Edge 150000 Demand: 10
Gold Icebreaker 150000 Demand: 10
Gold Iceblaster 150000 Demand: 10

Silver Trophy

Silver Candy 125000 Demand: 10
Silver Hallows 125000 Demand: 10
Silver Sugar 125000 Demand: 10
Silver EW Revolver 125000 Demand: 10
Silver Minty 125000 Demand: 10
Silver LogChopper 125000 Demand: 10
Silver Vampires Edge 125000 Demand: 10
Silver Icebreaker 125000 Demand: 10
Silver Iceblaster 125000 Demand: 10

Bronze Trophy

Bronze Candy 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze Hallows 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze Sugar 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze EW Revolver 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze LogChopper 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze Minty 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze Vampires Edge 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze Icebreaker 100000 Demand: 10
Bronze Iceblaster 100000 Demand: 10

MM2 Godley Values List

Godley weapons are the most popular and most stored weapons in the game. A few of the former rest weapons, the chroma weapons are on the religious level.

Chroma Lightbringer 120 Demand: 4
Chroma Darkbringer 120 Demand: 4
Chroma Luger 105 Demand: 3
Chroma Laser 100 Demand: 3
Chroma Heat 95 Demand: 3
Chroma Shark 85 Demand: 3
Chroma Fang 85 Demand: 3
Chroma Tides 80 Demand: 3
Chroma Slasher 75 Demand: 3
Chroma DeathShard 75 Demand: 3
Chroma Seer 70 Demand: 3
Chroma Gemstone 70 Demand: 3
Chroma Saw 65 Demand: 3
Chroma Boneblade 60 Demand: 3
Chroma Gingerblade 55 Demand: 3

MM2 Vintage Values List

Vintage weapons are weapons that were derived from the mystery of the original murder.

America 200 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Golden 155 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Blood 140 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Phaser 80 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Prince 70 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Shadow 70 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Laser 60 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Ghost 50 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Splitter 45 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Cowboy 40 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5

MM2 Legendary Values List

Legendary weapons are somewhat rare weapons that are simpler in design but still have more desirable features such as popular color and “epic/cool” factor like Nickelodeon.

Green Elite 200 Demand: 8 Rarity: 8
Tree (gun) 200 Demand: 8 Rarity: 6
Tree (knife) 200 Demand: 8 Rarity: 8
Cotton Candy 200 Demand: 7 Rarity: 7
Web 140 Demand: 7 Rarity: 6
Rupture 140 Demand: 7 Rarity: 6
Scratch 20 Demand: 4 Rarity: 3
Ghost Knife 10 Demand: 3 Rarity: 3
Ginger Gun 4 Demand: 3 Rarity: 3
Santas Magic 3 Demand: 3 Rarity: 3
Red Fire 2 Demand: 2 Rarity: 2
Witched 2 Demand: 3 Rarity: 2
Ripper Knife 2 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Blue Scratch 1 Demand: 2 Rarity: 2
Blue Elite 1 Demand: 2 Rarity: 2
Green Fire 1 Demand: 2 Rarity: 2
Ghost Gun 1 Demand: 2 Rarity: 2
Cavern Knife 1 Demand: 2 Rarity: 2

MM2 Rare Values List

Rare weapons display more popular features but not as “cooler” designs.

Jack 150 Demand: 7 Rarity: 7
Mummy 130 Demand: 7 Rarity: 7
Cane (Knife) 110 Demand: 6 Rarity: 6
Cane (Gun) 110 Demand: 6 Rarity: 6
Ginger (Gun) 105 Demand: 7 Rarity: 7
Ginger (Knife) 100 Demand: 7 Rarity: 7
Orange Marble 15 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Bats 12 Demand: 5 Rarity: 5
Cane Knife 2 Demand: 3 Rarity: 4
Icicles Gun 2 Demand: 3 Rarity: 4
Ghosts 4 X (T1) Legend Demand: 4
Monster 2 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Aurora Knife 2 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Candy Swirl Gun 2 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Snakebite Knife 2 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Nether 1 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Spitfire 1 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Damp 1 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Molten (Gun) 1 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Molten (Knife) 1 X (T1) Legend Demand: 3
Bones 1 X (T1) Legend Demand: 4
Portal 1 X (T1) Legend Demand: 4
Snowy 4 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
GingerBread 4 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
Vampire Gun 4 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
Toxic Knife 4 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
Magma 3 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
Green Marble 3 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
Vampire Knife 3 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
Toxic Gun 3 X (T1) Rare Demand: 1
Cane Gun 3 X (T1) Rare Demand: 2
Icicles Knife 3 X (T1) Rare Demand: 2
Rainbow (Gun) 1 X (T1) Rare Demand: 2

MM2 Uncommon Values List

Uncommon weapons are rare compared to ordinary weapons, although it is not very difficult to deal with.

Nutcracker 100 Demand: 7
Snowy 95 Demand: 8
Gifted 80 Demand: 5
Snowman (Knife) 75 Demand: 6
Snowman (Gun) 75 Demand: 6
Wrapped (Knife) 65 Demand: 7
Wrapped (Gun) 65 Demand: 7

MM2 Pets Values List

Chroma Fire Bunny 275 Demand: 4
Chroma Fire Bat 250 Demand: 3
Chroma Fire Cat 250 Demand: 3
Chroma Fire Fox 200 Demand: 3
Chroma Fire Pig 175 Demand: 3
Chroma Fire Bear 150 Demand: 4
Chroma Fire Dog 150 Demand: 3

MM2 Misc Values List

Box of Gold Papers 525 Demand: 8
Box of Ultra Wrap 475 Demand: 8
Box of Purple Papers 400 Demand: 7
Box of Blue Papers 300 Demand: 7
Box of Red Papers 250 Demand: 7
Box of Green Papers 200 Demand: 7
Box of Fert 165 Demand: 7
Xmas Gifts 2 Demand: 4
Mystery Keys 1 Demand: 3
Snowflake Key 1 Demand: 2
Skeleton Key 1 Demand: 2

Above listed this most updated MM2 value list that are really valid. We collected every information from the official source.

More about MM2 Game

There is a lot that one can learn from reviewing a Murder Mystery Game. The game is quite popular and has been for years. A murder mystery is a murder mystery where the player solves a crime by using deduction, reasoning and observation. They are designed to be challenging and enjoyable. You do not only get to solve the crime, but also get to examine the possible suspects and gather evidence.

The game has been changed to version 2.0, which is known as Murder Mystery 2. The first game in the series focused on solving a murder mystery with a single police officer. This game got so popular that there were TV shows, movies, and interactive games. In this game, you are a detective who is given the task of solving mysteries across the world.

 Murder Mystery 2 ing Tips

The good thing about having the online version of a murder mystery 2 is that you can use the codes to get some discounts or to purchase the product. If you want to save more money, you need to know how to redeem codes. This will allow you to save more. If you know how to find and use the murder mystery 2 promo codes, then you can save more on the price. Here are the ways on how you can find these codes and use them to your advantage.

The best way to find the code and use it is to look for the website of the makers of the game. Each website has their own special coding that can be used to redeem murder mystery 2 promo codes. You can choose to visit the official site of the game, or you can search from the website of different retailers. If you are going to search from the official site, you need to make sure that you are going to the correct site and not to a retailer that is not related to the makers of the game.

How to play Murder Mystery 2 Game

There are a lot of clues in the first part of the game where you will have to figure out the identity of the real culprit. Make sure that you read all the labels, which will tell you information about each weapon, and then look for the picture of the real killer. You will see a brief description under the weapon’s name as well as its make and model. Once you have all the information about the weapon, go to the website and look for the redeeming code. This can help you get some discounts on the price of the game.

The second part of the game is called the Bonus Chapter. Here, there will be several tasks that you can do to help you figure out who the real culprit is. For example, you can use your camera to take pictures of some of the clues that were found in the first part of the game. These pictures can be added into the puzzle to help you solve the crime. Playing this game can really help you kill time so you will not be bothered by your real work. So if you want a great game with lots of surprises, then mystery 2 is an excellent game for you to download

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