MIST admission test result

MIST Admission Test Result 2021 PDF Download www.mist.ac.bd

MIST Admission Test Result 2021 Published Now. It published on www.mist.ac.bd this official website. You can check this result from this website. Today i will share MIST Admission Result 2021. You get the result from below.

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MIST Admission Test Result 2021

There this two sectors admission test result has been published. Below we attach the full result so that you can download this result from here.

Engineering Program Selected Candidate List

Engineering Program Selected Candidate List

Download Full PDF Admission Test Result

Architecture Program – Selected Candidate List

Architecture Program - Selected Candidate List.


Download Full PDF Admission Test Result

Military Institute of Science and Technology Bangladesh

Military Institute of Technology Bangladesh (MIST) is one of the renowned educational institutions that provides a quality education with equal interest to all. Besides the mist, there are many more universities and colleges offering similar courses. The main motto of these educational institutes is to provide quality education for students who possess a bright future. MIST Admission result 2021 Bangladesh is one of the prestigious academic institutions in Bangladesh that offer students of different age groups admission.

Military Institute of Science and Technology Bangladesh is an associate public non-profit organization in Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is also affiliated to Bangladesh University of Professionals and is run by Military of Bangladesh. The main aim of this institute is to develop and produce high quality students through internet based learning. The institute also offers a number of online and offline study programs that give more importance to the computer technology and introduce innovative and cost effective technologies to the students.

There are various branches offered in this academic wing. Initially, there were only science and technology departments but now there are many branches in engineering, architecture, health, mechanical, electronics and information systems. As per the latest records, there are about 394 branches in this wing. There are also numerous branches that have been recently introduced in this wing. Some of these branches are Information Systems, Cyber Security and Software Development, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Information Systems.

The major subjects that are offered in this engineering branch include electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, software engineering, computer science, along with a lot of extra courses. The course curriculum of this wing includes computer applications, applied physics, digital signal processing, design and construction, environmental, transportation, industrial and product engineering. Students can pursue a degree in almost all of these subjects which will enhance their knowledge and proficiency in these fields. As a part of this program, students get to learn different aspects of military technologies.

After graduation, students can look forward to working for different military organizations. They can also be employed by any defense agency of the country after completing their education. There are a lot of opportunities for jobs in this institute. Job options include head of division, director or senior grade officer, technical assistant, military staff and strategic adviser, project manager, training and Doctrine Analyst, project coordinator, information systems manager, computer systems specialist, and a whole lot more. In order to take up some of these jobs, a diploma of this program is necessary.

There are various institutions that are offering a similar degree in this institute. The tuition fees for these military institutes vary according to the course and the program they follow. Generally, these military schools are associated with a defense agency or a manufacturing company. Normally, the tuition fees for online courses are lower than that of regular courses. The payment for taking up an online course from these institutes is also quite low as compared to regular fees.

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