Radio broadcaster Mike Trivisonno Cause of Death – What happened with him?

Mike Trivisno was an American radio broadcaster known for hosting his own self-titled afternoon talk show on Cleveland radio station WTAM AM 1100. The callers and the Cleveland media widely called him “Triv.”

According to the International trusted new paper- Mike Trivisonno has died at the age of 74. This news was officially confirmed by the authority. Many people are interested in knowing Mike Trivisonno the cause of death. Today I will share how this guy die, Or what happed to him.

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Mike Trivisonno Cause of Death

Those who worked with Travisno said he died suddenly, but the cause of his death was not publicly announced on the radio. Lindhurst Police confirmed to 19 News that Trivisno, who was born and raised in northeast Ohio, was taken from his home to an area hospital after a medical incident just after noon on Thursday.


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