Mattress Price in Bangladesh

The mattress is needed for placing on the bed. You should use a premium looking mattress for your bed to make is awesome. You will find a lot of mattress in your local area but their price is unspeakable! So, we gave you here a list of Mattress Price in Bangladesh. So, that merchants can’t make you fool and earn extra money!

Mattress Price in Bangladesh

  1. Single Air Bed Mattress with Free Electric Pumper – 2,800TK
  2. Euro Luxury Mattress 78x60x8″ – 17,875TK
  3. Inflatable Single Air Bed – 3,500TK
  4. Medicated Mattress 72x36x4″ – 3,825TK
  5. Euro Deluxe Mattress 81x69x10″ – 24,452TK
  6. Spring Mattress 72x36x8″ – 6,075TK
  7. Portable Inflatable Double Air Bed – 3,333TK
  8. Pavilo Mattress Air Mattress Camping Guest – 2,520TK
  9. Mattress 84x48x4″ – 10,000TK
  10. Mattress 76x46x4″ – 8,500TK
  11. Euro Prince Mattress 78x48x10″ – 46,800TK
  12. Bengal Spring Mattress 78x48x12″ – 14,950TK
  13. Euro King Mattress 81x69x14″ – 81,507TK
  14. Akhtar Exclusive Mattress 81x66x4″ – 11,080TK
  15. Euro Queen Mattress 79x69x10″ – 68,137TK
  16. Euro VVIP Latex Pocket Spring Mattress – 97,032TK
  17. Bengal Medicated Mattress 84x72x4″ – 13,650TK
  18. Euro Comfort Mattress 78x60x8″ – 16,250TK
  19. Comfort Quest Inflatable Double Size Flocked – 5,700TK
  20. Akhtar Medipedic Mattress 80x69x4″ – 13,417TK
  21. Single Camping Air Bed with Pump – 3,000TK
  22. Bengal Mobile Mattress 75x35x2.5″ – 2,400TK
  23. Flocked Single Air Bed Camping Mattress – 2,552TK
  24. Bengal Spring Mattress 81x60x12″ – 19,406TK


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