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Marília Mendonça Brazilian singer die at 26. Marília Mendonça Cause of death

Marília Mendonça Brazilian singer die at 26. Marília Mendonça Cause of death. Ms. Mendonça, who was a social media sensation with millions of followers, was iconic in a type of Brazilian country music called sertanejo.

Marília Mendonça, a popular Brazilian pop singer who was known as “The Queen of Suffering” for her soulful, angst-filled ballads, was killed on Friday in a small plane crash in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. She was 26.

Marília Mendonça Cause of death

The press office for the singer has confirms Ms. Mendonca’s passing and stated that her producer Henrique Ribeiro, her uncle, who was her assistant Abicieli Silveira Dias-Filho as well as the co-pilot and pilot of the plane also killed.

The plane was traveling to the town of Goiania to Caratinga which is in which the singer. Mendonca was scheduled to have been performing in a concert Friday evening. There was no word immediately about the events that led to the accident. Authorities have declared that they were looking into the incident.

The singer. Mendonca was iconic in the genre of Brazilian country music referred to as sertanejo which is a very popular style in Brazil.


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