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Magic Johnson Net Worth2022

Earvin Magic Johnson Jr. is a retired American basketball player and an entrepreneur. Magic Johnson was born at Lansing, Michigan, the United States on 14th of August 1959. Magic Johnson’s father Earving Sr. was an assembly liner in General Motors and his mother was a school janitor. He started loving playing basketball by watching his heroes of basketball like Earl Monroe at an early age. Sooner Magic Johnson got admitted in the Everette High School and joined its basketball team as soon as he could.

Magic Johnson Net Worth
Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic Johnson had offers to take admission in every high profile college but he decided to attend Michigan State University. He was the first chosen player by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979 in the overall pick. During his basketball career, he earned 18 million dollars in salary and more in endorsements. He launched a business after his retirement and it’s worth 1 billion dollar.

Magic Johnson Net Worth

$600 Million


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