Liverpool vs Newcastle Live Score, Goal Updates, & Highlight

Liverpool vs Newcastle Live Score, Goal Updates, & Highlight. This football match was so Crazy. Let’s take a look Liverpool vs Newcastle Live Score.

Liverpool vs Newcastle Goal Updates

Liverpool vs Newcastle match highlight

Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle

Both team player does hard work. And finally, Liverpool gives 3 goals against Newcastle. Which was unbelievable!

Jetro Willems gives the first goal against Liverpool. After that Newcastle team player gets much chance for the goal. But they aren’t able to take a good chance. But Liverpool team player easily takes a good step. They find also many more. And they find goals.

Liverpool gets their 1st goal from Sadio Mane.Ā And after that, they got again a new goal from Sadio Mane! Sadio Mane was so excited after getting a goal. And the last hour Mohamed SalahĀ shows good magic! He finds a chance for goal. And he did it smoothly. Mohamed SalahĀ played really good. In fact, he made this match winfull for Liverpool.


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