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Everything Stays (Link x Reader)by Maple The Awesome. 265K7.4K32. Link and (Y/n) have always been the closes of friends, as most would say, …


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A smug grin crosses his features as he leaned forward to share your love in a deep, sweet kiss. Because your were his shinning star in his …


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The warm, gentle touch. The breaths in. The breaths out. You hold him close. You hold him close. link link x reader botw botw …


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Link ADORES you · and whenever you two are together, there’s never a moment he’s not gazing at your beauty · “Link…” · oh how he blushes when you …



What type of link x reader stories are popular?

Popular types of x reader stories include romance, drama, and fantasy.

How have link x reader stories evolved over time?

Link x reader stories have evolved over time to become more complex, with more detailed character development and plotlines. They also often incorporate elements of fantasy and science fiction, as well as more realistic settings and scenarios. Additionally, many stories now include more diverse characters and relationships, as well as a greater focus on representation and inclusion.

What themes are commonly used in link x reader stories?

Common themes used in link x reader stories include adventure, romance, friendship, and mystery.

What challenges does a writer face when writing a link x reader story?

A writer may face several challenges when writing a link x reader story, such as creating a believable relationship between the two characters, making sure the story is engaging and interesting, and ensuring that the story is consistent with the established canon of the characters. Additionally, the writer must also consider the reader’s perspective and ensure that the story is enjoyable and relatable.

How can a writer convey a link x reader story in an interesting way?

A writer can convey a link x reader story in an interesting way by using vivid descriptions, creating unique characters, and crafting an engaging plot. Additionally, the writer can use dialogue to bring the characters to life and make the story more dynamic. Finally, the writer can use different writing techniques such as foreshadowing and symbolism to add depth and intrigue to the story.

How can a writer make a link x reader story more engaging for the reader?

A writer can make a link x reader story more engaging for the reader by adding interesting plot twists, developing the characters, and creating vivid descriptions of the setting. Additionally, the writer can include dialogue and interactions between the reader and Link that are meaningful and engaging.