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Link wray’s “rumble” is an iconic instrumental rock and roll track that has been covered by a variety of artists. it is considered to be one of the earliest examples of distortion in rock and roll, and has been widely influential in rock music. link wray’s “rumble” is a classic that has been covered by rock legends such as the who, led zeppelin, and the kinks. it has been featured in films such as pulp fiction and the outsiders. the track stands as a testament to the influence that link wray had on the development of rock music in the 1950s and beyond.

Link Wray – Rumble – 11/19/1974 – YouTube

Link Wray – Rumble Recorded Live: 11/19/1974 …


Link Wray & The Wraymen — “Rumble” 1958 – YouTube

Link Wray & The Wraymen — “Rumble” 1958 · Comments25.


Link Wray – Rumble – 11/12/1984 – YouTube

Link Wray – Rumble Recorded Live: 11/12/1984 …


Rumble (instrumental) – Wikipedia

“Rumble” is an instrumental by American group Link Wray & His Wray Men. Released in the United States on March 31, 1958, as a single (with “The Swag” as a …


Rumble by Link Wray – Anyone Can Play Guitar

A rock ‘n’ roll classic. And a great one to try if you’re a beginner, though I can’t imagine any player who wouldn’t have fun playing this.


[PDF] “Rumble”—Link Wray (1958) – The Library of Congress

Link Wray (1929-2005) had a long rock career and released several successful, critically-lauded albums, but his legend is largely tied to his 1958 two and a …


Rumble — how Link Wray brought the sound of slashed speakers to rock guitar —

“Rumble”, the menacing instrumental released by Link Wray & His Ray Men in 1958, has had an outsized influence on the world of rock guitar, …


THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG: «Rumble» by Link Wray – Rocking In the Norselands

The term ‘rumble’ was a slang term for a gang fight, and it was feared that the piece’s harsh sound glorified juvenile delinquency. The result?



Who wrote the song ‘Rumble’?

The song “Rumble” was written by Link Wray and his brother, Vernon Wray.

What year was ‘Rumble’ released?

The song “Rumble” was released in 1958.

What instruments are used in ‘Rumble’?

The instruments used in ‘Rumble’ are electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and organ.

What genre of music is ‘Rumble’?

Rumble is a genre of instrumental rock music created by Link Wray in 1958. It is characterized by a distorted electric guitar sound, heavy use of reverb and tremolo, and a steady beat.

Who produced the album ‘Rumble!’?

The album ‘Rumble!’ was produced by Big Boy Bloater.

What other songs did Link Wray record?

Link Wray recorded many songs throughout his career, including “Rumble,” “Raw-Hide,” “Jack the Ripper,” “Ace of Spades,” “Deuces Wild,” “Run Chicken Run,” “The Swag,” “Fire and Brimstone,” “The Fuzz,” “Switchblade,” “The Shadow Knows,” and “My Baby Is Now On My Mind.”