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Link and zelda have been iconic figures in the gaming world for decades. from the original legend of zelda to breath of the wild, these two characters have captivated players and become some of the most beloved faces in gaming. but how are they different? this article will explore the differences between link and zelda, and examine how they have evolved over time.

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Link is the boy in green. You play as Link in the games, but Zelda generally has some kind of magical mcGuffin status, depending on the game.


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While Link is the reincarnated hero that is the shield and sword that slays the evil and saves Hyrule. While Ganon, Link, amd Zelda each get one of the triforce …


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It would really depend on what Zelda and Link (as everyone else has pointed out also) But even so, I still think Link would win. He has more …


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In terms of experience and weaponry Link is the more formidable opponent. However if Zelda ever completely mastered her powers, those of the Goddess Hylia she …



What differences are there between Link and Zelda?

Link and Zelda are two characters from the popular video game series The Legend of Zelda. Link is the protagonist of the series and is a young elf-like boy who is the bearer of the Triforce of Courage. Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and is the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom. The main difference between Link and Zelda is that Link is the main playable character in the series, while Zelda is a supporting character who helps Link on his quest. Additionally, Link is a warrior who fights against evil forces, while Zelda is a wise and magical figure who provides guidance and support.

What similarities do Link and Zelda share?

Link and Zelda share a strong bond of friendship and a mutual respect for each other. They both have a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect Hyrule and its people. They also both possess magical powers and are capable of using them to help others.

How has the relationship between Link and Zelda evolved over the years?

The relationship between Link and Zelda has evolved over the years from one of allies to one of close friends and even potential romantic partners. In earlier games, Link and Zelda were allies who worked together to save Hyrule, but in later games, their relationship has become more intimate, with Link and Zelda often showing signs of mutual affection.

What are the main goals of Link and Zelda in the games?

The main goals of Link and Zelda in the games are to save Hyrule from evil forces and restore peace and harmony to the kingdom.

How have the game mechanics of Link and Zelda differed throughout the years?

The game mechanics of Link and Zelda have evolved over the years, with each game introducing new features and mechanics. Early games in the series focused on exploration and puzzle solving, while later games have added action elements such as combat and platforming. The games have also incorporated a variety of items and weapons, such as the Hookshot, Bombs, and Boomerang, which Link can use to progress through the game.

What unique abilities do Link and Zelda possess?

Link and Zelda possess unique abilities to use the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom, respectively, to protect Hyrule and its people. Link has the ability to wield the Master Sword and use various magical items, while Zelda has the ability to use magical spells and summon powerful allies.