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Do you want to shrink long, unwieldy links into shorter, more shareable ones? if so, then you should consider using a link url shortener! with a url shortener, you can easily turn long, complicated links into short, concise ones that are easier to share on social media. not only will your links look cleaner, but they’ll also be easier to remember and less likely to break when shared across different platforms. in this blog article, we’ll explore why and how to use link url shorteners.

URL Shortener

ShortURL is a tool to shorten a long link and create a short URL easy to share on sites, chat and emails. Track short URL traffic and more.


TinyURL: URL Shortener, Branded Short Links & Analytics

Create short and branded links with TinyURL. Track link performance, import or purchase branded domains, and run campaigns with bulk link shortening.


Free URL Shortener

Free URL Shortener for transforming long, ugly links into nice, memorable and trackable short URLs. Use it to shorten links | Powered by Rebrandly.


T.LY: World’s Shortest URL Shortener

A URL shortener is a tool that can take a long, complex URL and turn it into a much shorter link that is easy to share. This can be useful when sharing links on …


The 6 best URL shorteners of 2023 – Zapier

Bitly is a great URL shortener for large online businesses that share a lot of links and want to brand and track them. It’s also a good choice for small …


Bitly: URL Shortener – Short URLs & Custom Free Link Shortener

Bitly is the best URL shortener for everyone, from influencers to small brands to large enterprises, who are looking for a simple way to create, track and …


Rebrandly: URL Shortener – Short URLs Free & Branded Links

Rebrandly is the free URL Shortener Platform with custom domains to shorten a long link. Brand and track short URLs with powerful link management software.


12 of the Best URL Shorteners for Sleek Links in 2023 – Hootsuite Blog

A good URL shortener (a.k.a. link shortener) lets you do two things: 1. Share links that don’t use too many characters. 2. Measure performance.


Linkly | Free Custom URL Shortener & Tracking Links

Linkly is a free custom URL shortener designed for marketers. You can use your own domain so all your shortened tracking links are fully branded. You can …

Link – Shorten urls, share files and track visits. – Hootsuite

With Hootsuite’s link shortener, you can shorten and measure the traffic of links. Shorten your links in Hootsuite with for a tidier look in your social …



What are the benefits of using a URL shortener?

The main benefits of using a URL shortener are: 1) Easier to share and remember long URLs; 2) Improved click-through rates; 3) Increased brand recognition; 4) Ability to track clicks; 5) Ability to customize URLs; 6) Ability to cloak affiliate links; 7) Improved security; 8) Ability to customize the domain name; and 9) Ability to create vanity URLs.

How is a URL shortener different from a link tracking tool?

A URL shortener is a tool that takes a long URL and creates a shorter version of it. A link tracking tool is a tool that tracks clicks and other data on a link, such as the source of the link, the time it was clicked, and the location of the clicker.

What are the most popular URL shortener services?

The most popular URL shortener services are Bitly, TinyURL, and Rebrandly.

How secure is URL shortening data?

URL shortening data is generally very secure. Most URL shortening services use encryption and other security measures to protect the data and keep it safe from unauthorized access.

What criteria should be considered when selecting a URL shortener?

When selecting a URL shortener, criteria to consider include the service’s reliability, security, ease of use, customization options, analytics, and pricing.

Can a URL shortener be used to shorten any website address?

Yes, a URL shortener can be used to shorten any website address.