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Are you ready to take your maplestory experience to the next level? link skills are a new feature in maplestory that allows you to share a variety of special benefits and bonuses with other players. this means that you can now link up with friends, family, or guildmates and unlock passive abilities that increase your stats and give you an edge in battle. read on to learn more about link skills and how they can help you become a stronger player!

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MapleStory Link Skills are a way for you to benefit from leveling multiple characters and gaining extra stats on your main character.


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Maplestory Link Skills Guide – List by Jobs ; Kaiser. + MaxHP (permanent). 1ºLevel: +10%; 2ºLevel: +15%; 3ºLevel: +20%. Kanna ; Kinesis. + Crit damage. 1ºLevel: + …



What are the benefits of link skills in Maplestory?

Link skills in Maplestory provide a variety of benefits, such as increased stats, improved party play, and access to special skills. Link skills allow characters to share certain stats and abilities with other characters in their party, allowing them to work together more effectively. They also provide access to powerful skills that can be used to increase stats or provide other benefits. Finally, link skills can be used to transfer EXP and mesos between characters, allowing players to level up faster.

Which classes can share link skills in Maplestory?

Link skills can be shared between characters of the same World and same account in the same World. They can be shared between characters of the same class, as well as characters of different classes.

How does one unlock link skills in Maplestory?

To unlock link skills in Maplestory, players must reach level 70 with at least two characters and complete the Link Skill quest. After completing the quest, players can link their characters together to share the link skill.

What are the different types of link skills available in Maplestory?

The different types of link skills available in Maplestory are: Hyper Skill Link, Resistance Skill Link, Explorer Skill Link, Cygnus Knight Skill Link, and Hero Skill Link.

How do link skills work in Maplestory?

Link skills allow players to share certain skills with other characters in their same world. These skills are shared across all characters in the same world, regardless of job or level. Link skills can provide bonuses such as increased stats, additional damage, and other helpful effects.

What are the requirements for using link skills in Maplestory?

To use link skills in Maplestory, players must have a character that is at least level 70 and have completed the relevant story quest. Additionally, players must have a character of the same job in the same world, and must be within the same account.