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Have you ever been frustrated with long, clunky links that are difficult to share with others? well, with bitly, you can easily shorten those links while still retaining their original purpose. bitly is an online link-shortening service that makes it easy to share long urls on social media, emails, and text messages. with bitly, you can create a customized, easy-to-share link for any web page, giving you more control over how you share information. plus, bitly can help you track the performance of your shortened links, so you can measure how successful your campaigns are.

Bitly: URL Shortener – Short URLs & Custom Free Link Shortener

Bitly’s Connections Platform is more than a free URL shortener, with robust link management software, advanced QR Code features, and a Link-in-bio solution.


The Bitly Free Plan

Bitly’s free URL shortener gives you 10 links per month, plus all the tools you need to reach your audience. Sign up for our Free Plan today.


The 6 best URL shorteners of 2023 – Zapier

Bitly is a great URL shortener for large online businesses that share a lot of links and want to brand and track them. It’s also a good choice for small …


Free URL Shortener

Free URL Shortener for transforming long, ugly links into nice, memorable and trackable short URLs. Use it to shorten links | Powered by Rebrandly.


Bitly | URL Shortener

By clicking toolbar button, a will create shorten link for the page you are currently at. Number of shorten links by (approximation).



What are the benefits of using a link shortener such as bitly?

The main benefit of using a link shortener such as bitly is that it reduces the length of long URLs, making them easier to share and remember. Additionally, bitly provides analytics to track the performance of shared links, allowing users to measure the success of their campaigns.

How does bitly work to shorten a link?

Bitly works by taking a long URL and replacing it with a shorter, unique URL that redirects to the original link. It does this by using a process called URL shortening, which involves creating a unique code for the link and then mapping it to the original URL.

What types of analytics does bitly offer?

Bitly offers link-level analytics, such as click counts, location data, referrer data, and device data. It also offers campaign-level analytics, such as A/B testing, retargeting, and cohort analysis.

Is there a way to track the performance of links shortened with bitly?

Yes, there is a way to track the performance of links shortened with bitly. Bitly provides analytics for each link, including the number of clicks, referrers, countries, and platforms.

How secure is bitly compared to other link shorteners?

Bitly is generally considered to be one of the most secure link shorteners available. It uses HTTPS encryption to protect links and data, and offers additional security features such as two-factor authentication and password protection.

Is bitly free to use?

Yes, Bitly is free to use.