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Link sentences are an important part of writing that can help to make your text more cohesive and easy to read. whether you’re writing for academic or professional purposes, understanding how to properly use link sentences can make a big difference. in this article, we’ll discuss some examples of link sentences and how they can be used to strengthen your writing.

Examples of “Link” in a Sentence |

The railway here crosses a great bridge on to the small Masnedo, whence there is a ferry to Orehoved on Falster island, a link in the direct route between …


Link in a sentence

177+17 sentence examples: 1. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. 2. There’s a direct link between diet and heart disease. 3.


Examples of ‘link’ in a sentence – Collins Dictionary

Examples from the Collins Corpus · They are not linking the two cases. · This quality is also linked to having good impulse control. · The advice is to use the …


Examples of “Links” in a Sentence |

There is good shooting (doves, quail, wild turkey and deer) in the vicinity; there are fine golf links and there is a large ranch for breeding and training polo …


Linking Sentences – A Writer’s Handbook – JSCC Libraries

Linking Sentences [Example]. Jane’s hair is thinning; her eyes have dark circles beneath them; she rarely eats; she even hardly talks to any …


Sentences with Link, Link in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Link – English Grammar Here

1. Please click on the following link. 2. My name links me with my ancestors. 3. One link broken, the whole chain is broken …


100 Linking Words Examples –

100 Linking Words Examples · I will lend you my car whenever you need it. · Take an umbrella in case it rains. · My thoughts will be with you …


How to Write a Linking Sentence for Your Essay Paragraphs – Art of Smart

Put simply, a linking sentence is a sentence that relates to the main idea of your essay, namely your topic sentence. Check out our tips for writing up a topic …



What are some examples of link sentences?

Examples of link sentences include: “Furthermore,” “In addition,” “Moreover,” “On the other hand,” “In contrast,” and “Nevertheless.”

What are the components of a link sentence?

The components of a link sentence are a subject, a verb, and a connecting word or phrase.

How can link sentences help improve writing?

Link sentences can help improve writing by creating smoother transitions between ideas, providing a clearer structure, and making the writing more cohesive.

What are the benefits of using link sentences?

Link sentences help to connect ideas and create a logical flow of thought in a piece of writing. They can also help to make the writing more concise and easier to read by avoiding repetition and providing transitions between ideas. Additionally, link sentences can help to emphasize key points and create a more engaging and cohesive narrative.

How can one create a successful link sentence?

A successful link sentence should clearly explain the relationship between two ideas and use appropriate transition words to help guide the reader from one thought to the next.

How can link sentences help to create an effective argument?

Link sentences help to create an effective argument by connecting ideas and providing a logical flow of thought. They help to make the argument more persuasive by providing evidence and supporting the main points. Link sentences also help to create a cohesive argument that is easy to follow and understand.