Link Overwatch Account


Are you looking for a way to link your overwatch account? if you’re a fan of blizzard’s popular shooter game, you know that linking your account is important for keeping your progress saved. in this blog article, we’ll cover the process of linking an overwatch account, so you can ensure that all your hard work is kept safe. read on to learn more.

Blizzard Support – Merging Overwatch 2 Progress Between and Console Accounts

Once you have linked your Console and accounts, you will need to confirm the merge by signing into Overwatch via your console account.


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If you haven’t already, complete your account registration here. · Go to and check your connections tab · In the …


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How to link Overwatch 2 accounts · Load, click your account name at the top of the screen and click ‘My Account’ · Select ‘Connections’ …


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Go to battle net in a web browser and then go to sign in and …


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Launch and log into Overwatch 2 on your connected console and select the Account Merge option. Press Continue and follow the prompts to confirm …


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After adding the accounts, log into Overwatch and select ‘Account Merge’ from the main menu. The menu will prompt a confirmation to allow …


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On PC, head to, log in, and click on My Account, then Connections. Select the console accounts you want to merge, then log into Overwatch 2, where …


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From the main menu, select “Account Merge.” Once you have confirmed that your accounts are correct, you can complete the account merge. Your …


Log In – Login – Blizzard Entertainment

Log In · Create a free Account · Can’t log in?


Overwatch 2: How to Merge Your Overwatch 1 Account – Newsweek

Boot up your console version of Overwatch. Log in using your desired profile to merge. Link your account to your console game profile …



How do I link my Overwatch account to another platform?

To link your Overwatch account to another platform, you must first log in to your Blizzard account and then select the “Linked Accounts” option from the Account Settings menu. From there, you can select the platform you wish to link your Overwatch account to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is there a way to transfer my Overwatch account to another platform?

Yes, it is possible to transfer an Overwatch account to another platform. Players can use the Blizzard Account Transfer Service to move their account from one platform to another.

Can I link my Overwatch account to a console?

Yes, you can link your Overwatch account to a console.

What are the steps to link my Overwatch account?

1. Log in to your Blizzard account. 2. Select the Overwatch icon from the Blizzard desktop app. 3. Click the “Link Accounts” button. 4. Select the platform you want to link your account to. 5. Enter your login information for the platform you selected. 6. Click “Link Accounts” to complete the process.

Is there a way to unlink my Overwatch account from another platform?

Yes, you can unlink your Overwatch account from another platform by going to the Account Management page on the Overwatch website and selecting the Unlink option.

Does linking my Overwatch account to another platform cost money?

No, linking your Overwatch account to another platform does not cost money.