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link never die is a powerful tool that can help you maximize the life of your links. whether you’re sharing content on social media, marketing a product, or using links for analytics, link never die will help you maintain the integrity of your links. with link never die, you can make sure that your links are always active and never expire. read on to learn more about how link never die can help you.


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What can I do to ensure my link never dies?

To ensure that your link never dies, you should use a URL shortening service such as Bitly or TinyURL. These services provide a permanent link that will not expire or break. Additionally, you should also use a reliable web hosting service to ensure that your link is always accessible.

How can I prevent link rot?

Link rot can be prevented by using permanent URLs, such as those provided by a content delivery network (CDN), and by regularly checking and updating links to ensure they are still active. Additionally, using a URL shortening service can help to ensure that links remain valid and accessible.

What is the best way to share a link so it never dies?

The best way to share a link so it never dies is to use a permanent URL shortening service, such as or These services provide a permanent link that can be shared and accessed indefinitely.

Is there a way to keep links alive indefinitely?

No, there is no way to keep links alive indefinitely. Links can be kept alive for a certain period of time, but eventually they will expire.

How do I ensure my website links remain active?

To ensure your website links remain active, you should regularly check the links to make sure they are still working. Additionally, you should use a link-checking tool to detect any broken links and update them accordingly.

What measures can I take to ensure my web content remains accessible?

To ensure web content remains accessible, measures such as using semantic HTML, providing alternative text for images, and using descriptive link text should be taken. Additionally, using features such as keyboard navigation, providing captions for videos, and using a high contrast color scheme can help make content more accessible.