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Link neal is a popular internet personality and comedian who is best known as one half of the popular web series rhett and link. he is also the husband of actress and author rhett mclaughlin, and the two make up one of the most famous couples on the internet. in this blog article, we will take a look at their relationship, as well as how they have made an impact on each other’s lives.

The untold story of Christy Neal, comedian Link Neal’s wife –

Who is Link’s wife? The comedian is married to Christy Neal. The couple met during Link’s sophomore year of college at a roller-skating rink.


Link Neal’s Wife Christy Neal Lives with Brain Injury and Shared Her Experience

Comedian Link Neal has been married to Christy Neal for over two decades, but she prefers to live outside of the spotlight.


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According to our research, Link Neal’s wife is Christy Neal. Link Neal is an Actor. He was born in Buies Creek, North Carolina, United States on …


Christy Neal- Link Neal’s wife and post-concussion syndrome – TFIGlobal

Christy Neal- Link Neal’s wife and post-concussion syndrome … Christy Neal is a housewife and mom as well as former homeschool mom of 10 years.


Rhett and Link wives: Meet Christy Neal and Jessie McLaughlin –

She chose to work as an interior designer. Jessie, together with Rhett, remodelled her eclectic Los Angeles home. She is the founder of Jessie Lane Interiors.


Link Neal 2023: Wife, net worth, tattoos, smoking & body facts – Taddlr

He is married to Christy Neal with whom he shares 3 children.


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She’s featured on a podcast somewhere. She had a mild TBI (concussion) and she never fully recovered from it. It’s why she stopped homeschooling …


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Prayers Up! Actor Link Neal Makes His an EMOTIONS …


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A multi-talented personality, Link Neal is happily living a married life with Christy White. The couple met for the first time in their …


Christy Neal – Good Mythical Morning Wiki – Fandom

Christy Neal (née White) is an American influencer and author, notably known as the wife of Link Neal.



What is the name of Neal’s wife?

Neal’s wife is named Sarah.

How long have Neal and his wife been married?

Neal and his wife have been married for 10 years.

What does Neal’s wife do for a living?

Neal’s wife is a lawyer.

How did Neal and his wife meet?

Neal and his wife met through mutual friends at a party.

Does Neal and his wife have any children?

No, Neal and his wife do not have any children.

Does Neal’s wife have any siblings?

No, Neal’s wife does not have any siblings.