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If you’re a linux user, you know how important it is to keep your system organized. one of the most useful tools for organizing your files is the link folder, which allows you to create symbolic links between two different locations in your file system. in this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to use link folders in linux to make your life easier.

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Generally, to create links use we use the ln command and the -s option to specify Symbolic links. This is the easiest way to ensure a flexible …


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Symlink, also known as a symbolic link in Linux, creates a link to a file or a directory for easier access. To put it in another way, symlinks are links …


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A symlink (also called a symbolic link) is a type of file in Linux that points to another file or a folder on your computer.


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/home/jake/xxx is like a new directory. To avoid “is not a directory: No such file or directory” error, as @trlkly comment, use relative path in …


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A link creates a reference to a file or a folder. Symbolic links are used in Linux for managing and collating files.


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A symbolic link, sometimes called a symlink or soft link, is a file in Linux that points to other files or directories (folders) and …


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A symbolic link, or symlink, creates a name that references another file, directory, or other Linux file system object.


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The directory /home/log is already existing ,which cant be deleted. When i do this it creates the symbolic link as /home/log/logs .


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To create a symbolic link in Nautilus, press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard. Drag and drop a file or folder to another …


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As we’ve known, under the Linux command-line, we can create links to ordinary files. Sometimes, we may want to create links to directories.



How do I create a new folder in Linux?

To create a new folder in Linux, use the command “mkdir [folder name]”.

How do I list the files and folders in a Linux directory?

To list the files and folders in a Linux directory, use the command “ls”.

How do I rename a folder in Linux?

To rename a folder in Linux, use the mv command followed by the old folder name, the new folder name, and the path to the folder. For example, to rename the folder “old_folder” to “new_folder” in the current directory, use the command: mv old_folder new_folder.

How do I move a folder in Linux?

To move a folder in Linux, use the command “mv” followed by the name of the folder and the destination path. For example, to move a folder named “myfolder” to the “/home” directory, use the command “mv myfolder /home”.

How do I delete a folder in Linux?

To delete a folder in Linux, use the command ‘rm -r foldername’. This will delete the folder and all of its contents.

How do I search for files and folders in Linux?

To search for files and folders in Linux, you can use the ‘find’ command in the terminal. This command allows you to search for files and folders based on various criteria such as name, size, type, and more.