Link Battlenet To Twitch


Are you a fan of blizzard games and twitch streaming? if so, you’ll be happy to hear that blizzard has announced the integration of accounts with twitch. this will allow players to link their accounts together to take advantage of some awesome new features, including exclusive rewards for watching streams, special chat privileges, and more! read on to find out all the details about linking your and twitch accounts.

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How do you link a account to Twitch?

To link a account to Twitch, log into your Twitch account, go to the Connections page, and select the icon. Follow the instructions to authorize the connection between your Twitch and accounts.

What benefits come with linking a account to Twitch?

Linking a account to Twitch provides several benefits, such as access to Twitch Prime rewards, the ability to earn in-game rewards, and the ability to participate in Twitch Drops. Additionally, linking a account to Twitch allows users to receive notifications when their favorite streamers go live.

Does linking a account to Twitch cost money?

No, linking a account to Twitch does not cost money.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts that can be linked to Twitch?

Yes, there is a limit of three accounts that can be linked to Twitch.

Are there any risks associated with linking a account to Twitch?

Yes, there are risks associated with linking a account to Twitch. These risks include the potential for hackers to gain access to the account, as well as the possibility of the account being suspended or banned due to violations of Twitch’s terms of service.

Are there any special features available after linking a account to Twitch?

Yes, after linking a account to Twitch, users can receive special rewards such as in-game items, Twitch emotes, and other exclusive content.