Leandro Lo Shot dead photos & video. Latest news

Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento was a multiple-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion. He has also won BJJ events including the World Cup, Pan American championships and Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championships. He held an unbeaten winning streak at the Copa Podio from 2011 to 2013.

Leandro Lo was declared brain dead after getting shot in the head during a concert in Sao Paulo on early Sunday morning, his lawyer confirmed to news outlet G1.

According to the police report filed Sunday (h/t Combate), before Lo was confirmed dead, police officer Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo is a suspect in the investigation of Lo’s murder.

Lo was 33 years old.

In the police report, it is stated witnesses said Velozo grabbed a bottle from Lo’s table, which prompted the jiu-jitsu fighter to take him down and hold him. They were separated, and then Velozo got back to his feet, pulled a gun and shot at Lo’s forehead.

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