Video: Laguna Niguel fire Full Video Must Watch

A fire fueled by intense ocean winds barreled into a gated community overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Niguel on Wednesday, burning at least 20 homes in the latest sign of the drastic effects that climate change and drought are having on California fire danger.

The Coastal fire broke out on a cool but gusty day and spread rapidly, cresting up a canyon before burning huge ridgetop homes. Hundreds of residents fled the flames while firefighters spent the evening in pitched house-to-house battles trying to prevent the blaze from spreading deeper into the subdivision.

Laguna Niguel fire Full Video

Footage shows firefighters in Southern California trying to save a burning home as a fast-moving brush fire spreads rapidly amid strong winds. At least 10 to 12 homes were on fire in Laguna Niguel, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

Breaking: A fast-moving brush fire fanned by intense winds was threatening homes in an upscale area of south Orange County. Both the Laguna Beach and Orange County fire departments are on the scene


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