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Kawa Ada Net Worth 2022- Income, biography & Salary

Kawa Ada Net Worth: Kawa Ada (actor) is an Indian Americanollywood actor who currently has a net worth of Kawa Ada was born in Shadepur in Mississippi, USA and has been acting in more than 100 movies across various genres.

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Kawa Ada Net Worth

Kawa Ada Net Worth is $1.5 Million

Kawa Ada Net Worth: Kawa Ada’s (actor) net worth is derived from his acting income which is not hard to assess since Kawa Ada’s films have won several awards at national and international Television Awards. Kawa Ada’s income is almost as big as his acting and he has also acted in some films directed by Shimit Amin. Kawa Ada’s resume is replete with achievements and it is this impressive resume that has made Kawa Ada a name in Hollywood. Kawa Ada grew up in Shadepur playing baseball and football and later on in his early years, he played football for Shadepur Bears. Kawa also joined the television industry in his early years where he became known for his roles on the television show Miami Family, but it was his breakout role in Kawa Ada that made him famous.

Kawa Ada Full Biography

Full Name Kawa Ada
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date of Birth June 12, 1982
Age 39 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Kawa Ada’s (actor) net worth is also boosted further by his lucrative contract with the network ABC during the telecast of the popular soap opera Blue River. Kawa Ada’s biopic Blue River focused on the life and death of a young woman, Kawa Ada, who was a confidante of Comrade Kawa Ada. Kawa was also featured in the award winning movie An Indian Agent and went on to feature in other award winning movies such as The Secret, Before They Sleep and Gran Torino. Kawa was also one of the main faces of Nike in the 90s when he presented the brand at the World Games and cementing his place as an actor. Kawa has also acted in some films directed by Shimit Amin and Kamal Amrohi.

Kawa Ada’s daughter Kawa Saleem is another face of Kawa Ada’s that is well known. Kawa Saleem started acting after her father left home and moved to NYC. Kawa started with small roles and soon became renowned as one of India’s best known and successful actors. Kawa Saleem is popularly known for her role in the Baahubali movie and her association with Ranbir Kapoor. Kawa Saleem is also known for her portrayal of sisters in Kawa Ada Biography.

Kawa Ada’s daughter Nafis Samant is another face of Kawa Ada that has made her net worth millions. Nafis Samant has been an actor since she was a little girl and she first appeared on a television show when she was just six years old. Nafis went on to play different characters in different shows before landing it big as an actress in Hollywood. Kawa Ada and Nafis Samant have always been linked to each other and it seems that they will always be a part of each other’s lives.

Kawa Ada and Kawa Saleem are so close that Kawa Ada has even changed her name from Kawa to Kawa Saleem. Kawa Saleem has even filmed a movie with her son Nafis and has plans to work with him. Kawa has always remained a very strong and vocal supporter of women’s rights and she always welcomes the help of other women to give their children a better life. She believes that with a woman behind them fighting for what they want, it is possible to achieve more.


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