Why did Jesus go to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday? Full Story

One of the questions I get asked a lot is why did Jesus go to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday? Many Christians do not know this and they will not even open their Bible. If you have not read what the Bible says about this, then let me enlighten you a bit.

On Palm Sunday, the Jewish day of atonement, Jews commemorate the death of Jesus. They believe that he paid the price for their sins by dying on that day. For many Jews that is a major feast.

Palm Sunday is a very special day in the Jewish calendar and has many meanings. The death of Jesus changed the Jewish calendar, making the Jewish year different from the rest of the world. Prior to his death, the Hebrew month of Av represents vegetation, and the first day after is the Hebrew month of Todah, which is the first holy day. So, when Jesus came into the world, he was born in the month Todah, which is the Jewish new Year, and so on. Each of the four seasons in the Jewish calendar also has a corresponding holiday.

When I think of why Jesus went to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, I think of him breaking bread with his disciples. He told them to take only one thing with them on that day. They were to have nothing but bread for that one day. Many people are left wondering what he meant by ‘one thing’. In fact, it is quite simple to understand.

There are only 4 days in the entire year that we get to celebrate the deaths of great men and women. Many families plan a small gathering around this special day and invite as many people as they can afford. As far as why Jesus went to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday goes back to the early Christian calendar. Back then it was important to commemorate the death of King Pilate and his crucifixion. It was the first time that this death had been commemorated and it was viewed as a great victory over evil.

The Pilate/ Herod/ Jesus family had many followers. They lived in Jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion and many of their descendants are still in the Holy land. The Romans, on the other hand, only have one year to honor their revered leader. Therefore, it was important to commemorate his death and many Christians consider Palm Sunday to be a somber day. They say that Jesus went to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday because he felt comfortable with the Jews. Some even say he went to the Temple of Jerusalem on that very day.

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Palm Sunday is a Christian day and many non-Christians view it as a pagan day. Actually, the Temple of Jerusalem actually used to be called the Temple of Saturn and it was believed that Saturn was the planet when Jesus was on the cross. Therefore, if you were to read what the historian Mark Twain had to say about Jesus and Palm Sunday, you might think that Twain knew something about what was going on in Jerusalem at that time.

In modern times, Palm Sunday is a Friday and it is a legal holiday in many countries. Christians celebrate Palm Sunday by going to church or participating in family-oriented activities. There are many pictures of beautiful homes decorated in beautiful Palm Sunday colors all over the world. Many families will take part in making a homesick picnic that they can bring with them when they go on vacation.

Jesus went back to Israel after ten days of being stranded on the island of Socotra. He had said he would go back but instead stayed behind to teach his followers. It is said that he went back to celebrate Palm Sunday with his disciples. Many who believe that Jesus went to visit there during Palm Sunday to believe that the disciples went looking for him so that they might bring him back to life but instead of bringing him back, he appeared to them and spoke to them privately on Palm Sunday morning.

Did Jesus tell his followers to go to the Temple of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday? There are many pictures of Palm Sunday taken around this time in history. In fact, it is said that Pilates, the Roman exercise instructor, took some Palm Sunday pictures of himself. Did Jesus tell his followers to go there? Many of the churches of Jerusalem and its neighboring towns still have pictures of Jesus and the Day of Atonement. Some of the churches are very old and date back hundreds of years.

The Church of Annunciation in Jerusalem’s Mount Olivetac is also said to be where Jesus performed the miracle of the giving of the Holy Spirit. Many people today attend this church because they believe that this is where he gave his last sermon before he was raised from the dead. It is possible that he went to this place after his resurrection, but we don’t know for sure. The story of the Last Supper can also be explained as where he went out of the house and experienced food and drink before he went back to his home. If you are thinking about why did Jesus go to Palm Sunday with his disciples, then I have no answer for you except that you read the Bible and find the answer for yourself.


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