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BOSTON The Red Sox’s fans are grieving over the passing of one of their very own following the announcement that Jerry Remy had passed away.

Remy was an ongoing television broadcaster for the team, and was an ex-star.

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Who was Jerry Remy

Born on November 8, 1952. Remy was an ex- MLB athlete who later became a broadcaster.

Remy was initially drafted into the league in the year 1970 with the Washington Senators, but did not join an organization until the free-agent draft.

In 1975 the year 1975, he began his MLB debut with the Los Angeles Angels, where the team played until 1977.

In California He received the distinction of being named as only the 2nd captain of the team in the history of the franchise, and was later transferred to the Red Sox shortly after, and he stayed there for the rest of his life.

He played for six years on the team, before resigning in the year 1984.

Prior to making his MLB debut Remy was a student at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

Remy was later admitted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame in the year 2006.

Jerry Remy Cause of death

It was discovered on the 31st day of October 2021, it was confirmed that Remy was dead. died just before midnight aged 68. This was just one week prior to his birthday.

The news reported that the man died after a fight for cancer of the lung.

He was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2021. taken a break from broadcasting to concentrate on the treatment he received for the illness.

“As I’ve previously done and I will do in the future, I’ll fight this battle with everything I’ve got,”” Remy wrote at the time.

The first time he was diagnosed was 2008 and was able to beat it four times prior to receiving his last diagnosis in 2021.

The couple is survived by their wife Phoebe and their three children.


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