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James Todd Smith was an American professional poker player who played several poker games both online and offline. He later decided to become a motivational speaker. In 2021, he became the youngest ever US Citizen when he wasoteached by NASA. As of this writing, James Todd Smith is an entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer of Global Resorts Network Corporation. Here are some interesting facts that people may find interesting.

According to Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and various other reliable Online sources, James Todd Smith’s estimated net worth is only under six figures. No one really knows how much he makes from the various investments he has made in the stock market. You can check out his bio on the web for more details, but according to friends, James Todd Smith has a modest five-figure salary from various investments he has made, and his social media accounts have made him money while they were not active on the social media sites.

James Todd Smith Full Biography

Full Name James Todd Smith
Net Worth
$120 Million
Date of Birth January 14, 1968
Age 53 Years
Contact Number Unknown


It has been reported that James Todd Smith, the speaker, has an estimated net worth of around six hundred dollars, which is less than James Patterson, author of young adult novels of the same age. James Todd Smith is fifty-one years old. His birthday is on February twenty-three. His full name is James Todd Smith, Jr.

James Todd Smith Net Worth – Using Google’s Web CEO, you can see that James Todd Smith Net Worth is being earned by putting video blogs on MySpace. These blogs have not been monetized yet, although James Todd Smith has admitted to think about it, and they have earned James Todd Smith net profits, although not as high as some other speakers, who are earning more from their MySpace ads, than from speaking engagements alone. Of course, James Todd Smith Net Worth is earned in much larger quantities by selling his products and services online, as well as through the sales of his book “How To Get Rich With Network Marketing” and by writing his own e-books. He has also created his own network marketing company called “Jitsu Direct” and works with Global Sources Network, Inc. (an affiliate marketing company). As far as income from speaking is concerned, he states that it amounts to thousands of dollars per year.

James Todd Smith Net Worth – He is not the only speaker who has earned a great deal of money while using social media. Entrepreneur Sean Gallagher also uses social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to get his message out, and he also does interviews on radio shows. Sean earned over one million dollars in one year. So far, James Todd Smith Net Worth is making about the same amount of money Sean did, while spending much less time getting his message out.

So, James Todd Smith Net Worth appears to be a nice fit for someone seeking to build their net worth through the promotion of their skills and products online. However, like many people who have used social networking sites in this way, some experts have pointed out that you need much more than a profile and a blog in order to be successful. You also need to develop a marketing plan that will help you attract visitors to your site, as well as providing good value to those visitors. So, if you are interested in building your net worth through the promotion of your skills and your products, you should definitely look into trying it.